Please Sir, May I Have Another? A Dropbox Request

Please Sir, May I Have Another? A Dropbox Request

I started using Dropbox several years ago at Thomas’ recommendation. At the time, I didn’t think I’d be using it for that much, so the 500MB that came in the free account seemed just right. I even managed to pick up some additional free storage space, because I did things like tweet about it, connect it to my Facebook account, and upload some photos.

And then one day, I realized that I was using my Dropbox account in new ways I had never expected to: I was sharing folders with collaborators, uploading all of my family pictures and genealogy files, uploading business documents, accessing all of my files from my iPhone, Nokia Lumia 900, MacBook air, iMac, iPad, and any other device I happened to be testing. I even set my Neat Receipts ScanDesk to upload directly to my Dropbox folder, which meant I could access everything I’d scanned from any computer.

Without me realizing it, Dropbox had gone from being a convenience to being a necessity. I reluctantly updated to the 50GB plan at $99 year. With all the free memory I’d got from jumping through a few Dropbox hoops, I had 53.4GB. I figured there was no way I would ever use it all.

Boy was I wrong.

This morning, there was a little red “x” over the Dropbox icon in my computer’s menu bar. When I clicked on the icon, I saw …

Please Sir, May I Have Another? A Dropbox Request


That meant I had a choice. Either start deleting files, or upgrade to the Pro 100GB plan.

Please Sir, May I Have Another? A Dropbox Request

It wasn’t much of a debate.

 Please Sir, May I Have Another? A Dropbox Request

Even though 103.9GB seems like an impossibly huge amount of space that I will never fill, I know I’m only fooling myself if I believe it. The problem is that they don’t really have any non-business plans that go larger.

So here is my request …

Dropbox will give me 1GB extra storage for every referral I send them. The people I refer will get a free 500MB Dropbox account — just like the one I originally started out with. Would you mind signing up for a free Dropbox account by clicking this link? Each one of you who does will be adding an additional 1GB to my account (with a limit of 32), and that will buy me a bit more time before I either have to figure out a new way to store all of my data in the cloud, or Dropbox figures out another level of service for people like me.

Please Sir, May I Have Another? A Dropbox Request

Pretty Please? =)

Sign up for a free 500MB Dropbox account by clicking here.

Please remember that you have to actually install the program for me to get credit. There are a couple of you who have joined, but that one little step still must be done. Thank you so much for helping me out! =)

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5 Comments on "Please Sir, May I Have Another? A Dropbox Request"

  1. Neolex xeloeN | June 17, 2012 at 2:01 pm |

    signed up for you but they gave me 2gb, not 500mb.

  2. Awesome! And I thank you. =D

  3. I have one associated with one account, but what the hey, now I have two. 😉 BTW, in terms of storage pricing, MS Skydrive offers 50GB for $25/yr, and 100GB for $50. I believe the file max upload size is 2GB.

  4. THANK YOU. =) I am now up to 107.9GB, so 4 people (including you have come through for me. MUCH appreciation!

    I may wind up having to look more closely at Google Drive eventually, but right now I am so vested in Dropbox, that I really do want to stay with them. Until I can’t. =P

  5. I already sign up before, so I can’t use your referral. BTW why don’t you use your other email to sign up using your referral? You can get additional 1GB for your account plus 2GB for the new account.

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