iLuv Epicarp Slim Folio for the New iPad Review

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When iLuv’s Epicarp Slim Folio for the New iPad first arrived at my home, I was not impressed. It is thin, remarkably light and the plastic material feels… well let’s just say it does not feel substantial. (UNDERSTATEMENT!) The case truly lives up to its name when referred to as a “slim folio”. It is a folio design into which the new iPad easily, but securely, snaps. And it is quite slim. It is so slim, in fact, that I could not imagine that iLuv had been able to include the magnets necessary to activate the iPad’s sleep/awake functionality.

Hey, I was not expecting the case so I hadn’t read up on it!

In fact, I was ready to call them out on it. Turns out the magnets are there and, while not without issue, they work.

Let’s take a closer look.

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From iLuv:

The iCC845 Epicarp is a slim, yet durable, cover providing sufficient protection with a color and viewing diversity.

Thin and Durable to Protect: Epicarp means outer, protective skin and that’s really what this cover is. It’s thin and durable to provide significant protection.

Convenient Stand: The cover also functions as a stand to provide on-screen typing or landscape viewing options. The front cover tucks into a slot on the hardshell back panel securing it in place while using it as a stand.

Magnetic On-Off to Save Power: Additionally, this magnetic closure powers off your iPad when the cover is closed, saving critical battery life when your new iPad is not in use. This ensures longer use time and lessens the need to constantly re-charge your iPad while you’re out and about.

Stylish Protection: The Epicarp is available in four colors to suit any style.

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– Ultra thin construction protects your new iPad without adding bulk or weight

– Hardshell back protects your iPad from scrapes and dents

– Unique magnetic on-off function saves iPad battery life

– Flexible, sturdy cover protects the touch screen from scratches and spills

– Front cover folds to function as a convenient stand

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The Epicarp is thin and light. As you will see in the video we are embedding below, the case is effectively a back shell and SmartCover in one. It is as thin and as light as a case could be and, as a result, it is for scratch protection rather than protection from drops or serious bumps.

The iPad snaps right into the case just as you would expect were you using one of the now-familiar back plates. I was, however, quite impressed by the grip the case has on the tablet. But be warned, since this is the only thing holding the iPad in the case it is worth taking a few minutes to ensure the iPad is seated firmly in place.

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The stand aspect of the case it provided by this raised slit area on the back of the case. It works well but is one of the less elegant stand mechanisms we have seen. Because it is always there, when you grab the case you will feel the raised edge. There’s nothing you can do about it.

That noted, after using the case for a brief period of time I learned how to best grab it without coming into contact with it. Translation, it looks bad but doesn’t really get in the way.

My biggest issue with the iLuv Epicarp is the price. At $59.99, this is a pricey case regardless of the design or materials. And when you realize that the design is rather simple, and the materials are thin plastic, one cannot help but think this case should be half or less the price it is. That is not to say the case isn’t usable. It is and, in fact, I really like the thin design. Add in the fact that the angled cutout on the back that “receives” the cover in order to create the stand does not get in the way nearly as much as I initially expected, and you have a case that is thin, light but protective. I just wish it were under $30.

Gear Diary iLUV Epicarp Case iPad New

You can order it directly from iLUV by clicking here. OR, you CAN get it for $30 by purchasing it through our Amazon Affiliate Store. Click Here to Buy.

MSRP: $59.99

What I Like: Thin; Light; Protects back and sides of iPad from scuffs and scratches; Functions as a two-position stand

What Needs Improvement: PRICEY; Design includes a relatively sharp edge; Feels “plasticy”

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