SPIGEN SGP Ultra Thin Case for the New iPad, Review

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I like a minimalist iPad case. Yup, I like a case that will help keep my iPad in pristine condition without adding a ton of weight to it. The balance between weight/bulk and style is often a difficult one to strike. The more fashionable cases tend to add to the size and heft of the iPad, while the minimalist protective systems often look and feel a bit cheap. With the Ultra Thin Case Series for the New iPad SPIGEN SGP has struck the right balance. The case all but disappears while still protecting the iPad from scratches. No, this is not the case for those who are prone to dropping their iPads, but if you simply want basic protection it is more than adequate.

Oh, and it has a special trick up its sleeve that adds a tremendous amount of value to it. In fact, this one feature is reason enough for me to recommend this case!

What is that feature? Let’s check it out.

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From SGP:

SPIGEN SGP Ultra Thin Slim Fit Case is carefully designed and constructed with durable and harmless polycarbonate for your iPad. It’s compatible with Apple’s Smart Cover. This snap on case is the perfect case for the true minimalist.

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Prevents your iPad from scratches, damages, and dust

Compatible with Apple’s Smart Cover

Slim fit and light weight

Easy access to all controls and ports

The Ultra Thin Series for the New iPad comes in two versions. The Crystal Clear version is “glossy, clear transparency UV coated material that displays the original back of The new iPad” while the Soft Clear is “matte, opaque transparency SF coated material that delicately transmits light. Smooth to the touch and anti-fingerprint.” Details and ordering information can be found here.

MSRP: $32.99

What I Like: Minimalist design; Offers excellent scratch protection; Designed for use with the Apple SmartCover; Holds the SmartCover in place when folded flat against the back

What Needs Improvement: The review sample is clear and I’m likely going to have to buy the black version 🙂

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3 Comments on "SPIGEN SGP Ultra Thin Case for the New iPad, Review"

  1. Unlimited1_Ups | June 23, 2012 at 10:34 pm |

    Nice case but does add noticeable weight when combined with the smart cover.

  2. Add weight? Yes. Add weight you notice? Yes. Add too much weight? No.

    I love the idea of a naked iPad since even with nothin on it the device is a bit heavy. This is a Good compromise and I find myself using it quite often… Including right now.

  3. I am using Bellini snap case and not very happy about it since it doesn’t have the magnet and it is pretty thick. I am not sure how this one would be…

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