Review: Just Air Protection System for Tablets

Review: Just Air Protection System for Tablets

Having devices that are mobile are convenient and an important part of most of our lives. I carry my backpack gear bag nearly everywhere I go, carrying nearly all my devices. My iPad is now making the daily trip since I am able to get WiFi in my classroom. I have the original iPad so I cannot project for my students, but we use a document camera to be able to see the screen for the entire class. For instance, any Atlantic tropical activity is tracked using the Hurricane iPad app in my World Geography classes. Many of the kids have never seen or used an iPad, so it is a great teaching tool. Despite keeping the iPad in a sweet case, all of this traveling makes me nervous. Dropping my bag and breaking the iPad would be a huge bad day for me! Luckily, Just Air provides protection for this scenario, encasing laptops and tablets with a layer of protective air-filled cells. Let’s see how it performs.

Review: Just Air Protection System for Tablets

Just Air Shock Proof Cases resemble many of the neoprene style zippered sleeves used for tablets and laptops. The product adds extensive protection for devices through layers. The outer layer is made with shock-absorbing polyurethane memory foam and it is lined with a soft, dust free liner to protect from scratching. The inside layer is even water-resistant for added measure. The difference between Just Air and other cases is what is between these two layers. The sleeve is filled with specially engineered air-filled chambers to protect the device from most encounters during daily travel. Think of, airbags for iPads.

Review: Just Air Protection System for Tablets

At first look, I figured this was just another neoprene sleeve. They are handy, but not exactly protective and I noticed the Just Air case is different. The air chambers feel like small tubes of air and do not add as much bulk as I would have assumed. I think the small pockets of air help distribute the shock and keep my wonderful little device safe and sound. I like the soft feel of the outside material and the product sports top-notch sewing. Products of questionable quality often skimp in the seams so I always inspect. The zipper on the case is smooth and high quality with nice, heavy-duty pulls. The side walls and corners of the case have a bit of extra padding since there are no air pockets and they have even included a small padded flap under the zipper to add to the protective qualities. Even though, this is a simple product, I was impressed how the company made the effort to go the extra mile to ensure quality.

The Just Air Shock Proof Case has become my daily carrier. All of my other cases still fit inside, so it is like getting the best of both worlds. I can see the case being great for carrying inside a gear bag like I do or even for those who carry on its own. The cases are available in four sizes: iPad, Small (10.5″), Medium (13.5″), and Large (15.5″). These sizes should accommodate just about every tablet or laptop on the market. Do yourself a favor and never fret again when our device slips out of your hands or drops off a table and provide some simple and greatly effective protection. Cases are available in the above sizes as well as black, gray and pink color offerings. For more information and ordering options go checkout the Just Air website.

Just Air Shock Proof Cases

MSRP: $29.95 for iPad and Small, $34.95 for Medium and Large

What I Like: High quality sleeve with layered protection and a low price. It really works!

What could be improved: While I am simple and enjoy my black case, I am sure most people would like to see more colors and maybe designs offered.

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