Will The Nexus 7 Tablet Impact the Kindle Fire and NOOK Tablet?


When Google announced the Nexus tablet, I was surprised to see they didn’t seem to be aiming for the iPad. With a $199 starting price and a 7 inch form factor, Google is clearly taking aim at the devices that have defined the Android tablet market thus far; e-reading based tablets like the Kindle Fire and the NOOK Tablet both run off Android, but use their own proprietary app and content stores, and Google wants a piece of that pie!

So I posed this question to the other Gear Diary editors:



 Carly: How much will the Nexus tablet pull from the Kindle Fire and the NOOK Tablet?



 Dan: Watch the fire drop by at least $50



 Judie: Totally. Amazon will fight dirty. We win.

 Dan: So let’s take bets — How long do I keep the Nexus 7? Over and unders. Go.



 Mike: Between 1 and 2 weeks. I think it is total weaksauce … just barely above the hardware of the Fire, about equal to the Galaxy Tab 7 2.0 … and without any Amazon benefits.

 Judie: He’ll have it for GearFest [editors get-together in mid-July]; we’ll tear it apart on video, and then he’ll list it on eBay.

Dan: That’s my guess!

 Mike: I didn’t make much past a week with the Galaxy Tab 7 2.0 … and at least that had a camera! For me, all of these die because none of Google’s non-app stuff is even as good as iBooks. Amazon offers something worth paying for … Google doesn’t.

 Judie: That’s it. Exactly.

 Carly: I agree. I also think this is a case of too little too late for Google. Outside of the hardcore Android fans no one knows Nexus branding. Everyone knows Amazon and B&N. Either they campaign crazy hard, or this accidentally drives up more sales of the eReader tablet market.

And I think we see Amazon rush out a new kindle fire (there is already rumors) and drop the price of the current one by mid-July at the latest. Might even be sooner.

Dan: I am actually pretty intrigued by this device. It brings the 7″ form factor with a good screen, reportedly decent built-quality, at a nice price point. While it does not have automatic access to amazon content the way the fire does, the tablet solves a huge number of the hardware issues I found with the fire. It has BT, it has volume controls, it is thinner and lighter. It has few enough compromises that I will finally be able to find out if I actually DO like the 7″ size (and prior disappointments have been device-related) or if not liking the hardware or OS on previous fails was just an excuse for not liking the size.

So what’s your take on the Nexus Tablet? Will it unseat the Kindle Fire? Predict away in the comments!

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