Sneaker iPhone Case Review

Sneaker iPhone Case Review

There are so many options when it comes to phone cases. A quick google search for iPhone 4 case will bring literally thousands of links to styles and colors of cases. With everyone walking around with the same phones, the case is what separates people and shows their style and individuality.

With that said, there is a fine line between cases that are all style and cases that are all protection. I think it is important to bring the two together and get some style while effectively protecting the phone. Musubo has designed many cases that fit these requirements, and I recently was able to try out the Sneaker case. Let’s take a look.

Sneaker iPhone Case Review

2 “Soles” in 1 case — ideal for mix & match 

Features :
– Compatible with iPhone 4 / 4S
(GSM & CDMA Model)
– Made by Soft TPU* Material
– Package includes:
Screen Protectors / Micro Fiber Fabric
Foldable Video Stand
2 “Soles”for alternative use
*Good-graded TPU certified by ITS.

Sneaker iPhone Case Review

The Sneaker case consists of two parts, a shock absorbing bumper and a back plate. The back plates are designed to mimic the sole of old school sneakers (tennis shoes). I have the black and white backplates and black bumper. There are also other colors available including: brown/olive drab with a white bumper, red and yellow, pink and light blue and fluorescent green and yellow.

At first glance, the backplates are easily identified as sneaker soles. Several of my athletes saw the case this summer and immediately said, “is that case supposed to look like the bottom of a shoe?” All of them thought it was a cool concept. Both the bumper and backplate are made of the same shock absorbing TPU material.

Sneaker iPhone Case Review

The case fits extremely well and the backplates and bumpers will appear to be one solid piece. Changing the backplate will give the appearance of having a second case. All of the important parts of the phone are covered usable.

The hole for the headphone jack is large enough to accommodate all of my plugs, which is a huge plus. The top right corner of the case includes what I think is a loop to use a wrist strap. I did find that one protruding area on the case to be a minor annoyance. Not a deal breaker, but a break in the sleek design.

A small lip is included to help protect from screen down drops and the case should protect from everyday normal wear and tear. I do believe the sole is also non-marring and should be good for most any basketball court.

Sneaker iPhone Case Review

The Sneaker case by Musubo is a fantastic, unique design for an iPhone case. I get a retro, Chuck Taylor All Stars, feel when I use it. It is a beautiful mesh of style and function with good protection. I promise none of your friends has a case with this much style, and they can all be envious of your cool iPhone. If the Sneaker design is not good for you, check out the Musubo website here. They have a large selection of stylish cases with unique designs. The Sneaker case is fun, and none of my friends have seen anything like it. Two thumbs up from me!

Sneaker iPhone 4/4s Case

MSRP: $34.99

What I Like: Unique and super stylish design with two color options. This case does look like the sole of a sneaker

What Needs Improvement: The loop on the top right of the case which I assume is to install a wrist strap can go

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