Random Cool Stuff: If You Are 30, These Are the Toys You Grew Up With

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Random Cool Stuff: If You Are 30, These Are the Toys You Grew Up With Listen to this article

Random Cool Stuff: If You Are 30, These Are the Toys You Grew Up With

Over at Milo.com’s Daily Bark, they are featuring a subjective list of the ‘best gifts ever’! It is interesting because it is focused on someone who would have been born in 1980, therefore turning 30 this year. The infograph looks back at what the hot gifts would have been for boys and girls over time.

Personally I am too old and my kids are too young to have wanted the kid-centric stuff, but the later stuff … well, who said you ever really had to grow up?!?

As I look back over time it is hard for me to peg things by year, but I remember Big Jim and GI Joe action figures (the huge ones with hair!), later on Stretch Armstrong and Verti-Bird, and other stuff. Of course, my parents got me a Game Boy in 1989 as I was doing a fair amount of travel for work and that was a blast in airports! (and yes, I did get ‘looks’!) And since then … well, iPods and the iPad are a given, and I loved the CD Walkman for listening in the car (cassette adapter, of course), and so on.

How about you? What are the gifts you recall from your childhood? Do any of these trigger memories for you?

Source: The Daily Bark via Buzzfeed

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