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July 10, 2012 • Reviews

Satechi WTR-C Wireless Timer Remote Shutter for Canon T3i Review

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The other day we took a look at the Satechi Bluetooth Media Remote. The little Bluetooth remote has numerous tricks up its sleeve, including being able to remotely fire the iPhone’s camera shutter; this is useful when you want to take a self-portrait or place the iPhone in a stand, thus making sure there is no shake when the camera fires. After all, vibration at the moment a picture is taken can ruin an otherwise awesome image.

But what if you are using something like the Canon T3i I am now using as my main camera? For that Satechi has the WTR-C Wireless Timer Remote Shutter. It doesn’t offer the bevy functions the Bluetooth remote offers; in fact it really serves one purpose and one purpose alone. Fortunately this one-trick-pony is quite good at its trick. Let’s take a look.

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The name if the device is a bit on the long side. More specifically it is the

Satechi WTR-C Wireless Timer Remote Shutter for Canon EOS 60D, Digital Rebel XT, XTi, XSi, XS, T1i, T2i, T3i & Canon Powershot G10, G11 & Pentax K7 & ELAN SLR

It is important to note the full name, because the company offers similar devices that will work with cameras not here listed. So before purchasing any of these products, check to see which one is right for your camera.

From Satechi:

Wireless Timer Remote Control Shutter is an advanced Canon camera shutter release tool which can be used to release camera shutter, as well as to be programmed to run timed photography task, etc. Delay the starting moment, manage exposure time, set shooting interval or organize numbers of shots. It allows you to control camera shutter up to 50 ft away from a compatible EOS camera.

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The company realizes that the utility of a camera accessory like this may not be apparent to anyone but the most proficient photographer. As a result the product page includes this question: Why do you want and need an accessory like this?

The answer?

Handy for taking pictures of subjects that difficult to approach with minimized vibration

Can activate the bulb function on the compatible cameras

Ideal for time-lapse photography including blooming flowers and astrophotography

Function as self-timer, interval timer, long-exposure timer- can be programmed as an intervalometer

Includes time remind speaker and release signal lamp, LCD display and screen illuminator

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In other words, this Remote shutter lets you fire off the camera without being in physical contact with it. It is perfect for time-lapse photography, where you want to make sure the camera does not move. And it is perfect if your shutter speed is so slow that, even if you were careful, the image would likely blur if you were in contact with the camera. In other words it is a remote shutter… just like the name says.

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Using the accessory is simple. The smaller piece, the receiver, connects to the camera and plugs into the remote control port on the side. The remote itself looks complicated but is actually quite simple. The best way to learn how to use it? Just watch this video from the company. It explains everything.

I’ve only begun using the Satechi WTR-C Wireless Remote Timer Shutter, but I can already see just how useful it will be as I do more and more with my Canon T3i. It is one of those cool accessories that most of us may not actually need but, once you begin using it, you wouldn’t want to be without.

The Satechi WTR-C Wireless Timer Remote Shutter works as promised, adds some simple remote features to the camera, and is good for advanced photographers — or even neophytes like me. It is a prime example of having access to “the right tool for the right job”. You may not need it often, but when you do you’ll be glad it is in your camera bag!

You can learn more by clicking here, on the product page.

Get it here, through our Amazon Affiliate Store.

MSRP: $59.99

What I Like: Simple setup; Does what is promises; Adds nice remote control to your DSLR

What Needs Improvement: You MUST get the right version for your camera; No carry bag included

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  1. dbmurray says:

    It’s too bad they don’t make one for a Panasonic G2. I’d like to have one of these.

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