Tried and True: The Best Baby Gear for Now and Later!

Becoming a new parent is an exciting (and expensive) time; you know there are things you’ll need to get to help yourself and help your child, but at the same time you don’t want to succumb to buying (potentially pricey) things that you or your baby won’t actually use. We can help with some of our favorite baby gear.

I told the team that I wanted to put together a list of the things that we’ve found indispensable during our first few years as parents — even some things that we are still using if we don’t have a baby anymore or things that held up so well they could easily be used for a second child or given to another new parent. I told them I didn’t care what the items were — they just needed to have performed better than expected to the point that they couldn’t imagine not having had them. So that’s what you are getting here — a list of things we bought, we used, and we couldn’t imagine not having had.

Perry’s Picks

Levana Willow Dual Camera Video Baby Monitor

Great video quality, great signal strength. Large HD screen with a mode that only turns on when there is noise in the baby’s room. With the dual camera setup, you can keep track of both kids at the same time. My only complaint is the antenna is fragile and we’ve broken it twice by dropping them.

Dohm Sound Machine

Excellent sound masking allows baby to sleep soundly even with a barking dog downstairs. Small enough to keep on baby’s night table. Adjustable sound volume and frequency.

Ergo 360 Baby Carrier

Versatile enough for multiple people to use without tons of reconfiguration. Lightweight and holds baby securely hands-free in multiple positions that are safe for baby.

Wayne’s Picks

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

For when they learn to walk to when they leave the house. They never stop wiping their hands on the walls, and this keeps the walls clean.

Apple’s Find My Friends App

Once they start to walk and leave the house, it’s Apple iOS Find My Friends all the time.

Carly’s Picks

Rock and Play

Wyatt napped in it, hung out in it, and it was so portable it went everywhere. I seriously don’t know how we would have survived the first year without it!

Regalo My Tot Portable Toddler Bed

For when your kiddo is old enough for a travel bed. This folds down to a super tiny package, so it is extremely portable. It’s perfect for hotel rooms or when visiting friends, and the whole thing is washable.

Toilet Targets

Wyatt really liked that part of potty training. Ah, boys…

Tip: A diaper bag is a waste of money! Get whatever backpack or bag you like best; there is no need to get one with a changing pad built in when you can buy a stand-alone one!

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