Google Nexus 7 Unbox – Not As Bad As You’ve Heard, and Setup is Pretty Good as Well!

Google Nexus 7 Unbox - Not As Bad As You've Heard, and Setup is Pretty Good as Well!

I have heard a bunch of negative reports of people struggling to get the tablet out of the box … so I was really intrigued at the possibility of capturing my frustration on video! Perhaps it is the years of wrestling with so many over-packaged toys for my kids, but it was no big deal. In the video I compare the unboxing experience to that of the Griffin MIDIConnect.

But as I say the unbox wasn’t a problem, so then I got it started up and linked to Google services. While we will go into more details for our full review, let me be clear – Google clearly took detailed but somewhat illegible notes on the Apple and Amazon setup experiences. In other words, it is better than just about any Android device I have used, but lags behind anything from Apple or the Kindle Fire.

Here is the video – let us know what you think!

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Michael Anderson

I have loved technology for as long as I can remember – and have been a computer gamer since the PDP-10! Mobile Technology has played a major role in my life – I have used an electronic companion since the HP95LX more than 20 years ago, and have been a ‘Laptop First’ person since my Compaq LTE Lite 3/20 and Powerbook 170 back in 1991! As an avid gamer and gadget-junkie I was constantly asked for my opinions on new technology, which led to writing small blurbs … and eventually becoming a reviewer many years ago. My family is my biggest priority in life, and they alternate between loving and tolerating my gaming and gadget hobbies … but ultimately benefits from the addition of technology to our lives!

  • loopyduck

    Volume’s a bit soft for the unboxing; dunno if it’s a gain problem, the mic was too far away, or maybe you oughta turn down the intro a bit 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback … in iMovie I had tweaked up the video volume so it was balanced, but now watching it does sound softer …

    • And some day someone will invent a communication system where issues with video, typos and the like can be communicated privately. 

      • loopyduck

        Some day I’ll trust a public terminal with something more important to me than a Disqus account password. Not in the very near future though 🙂

  • What did you think of the ergonomics, Mike? I loved the grippy back. Maybe not as “cool” as the metallic backside of an iPad, but IMHO definitely easier to hold.

    • iPad isn’t worth mentioning … It is inferior to the iPad in every possible way by a large margin. But that isn’t the point – the iPad isn’t the competition. Ergonomic ally it is a bit better than the kindle fire, but in terms of performance it is Definitely siginificantly better. But the overall feel is still that of an “affordable” tablet like the fire …

      • dancohen

        So I’m. Reading this with my iPad on my lap. It not only works but it works well. At the same time I can’t help but imagine that a 7-8″ form factor would be nicer for this kind of use.

        Mike- does this fit the bill?

        Sent from my iPad