Lowepro Urban Photo Sling 150 Review

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If all you need to bring with you is your DSLR camera, a few accessories and an iPad you certainly don’t want to carry some big, heavy, and bulky bag. At the same time, carrying your camera and your iPad means that you have some rather expensive equipment along with you for the day so you DO want it protected. One option is the Urban Photo Sling from Lowepro. This sling style bag comes in two sizes – the 150 and the 250 – and I’ve been using the 150, the smaller of the two, for the last few weeks.

As you will see in the video review, I wasn’t all that enamored with the bag when I first saw it. But after using it for a day running to meetings in Manhattan, I’m pretty well sold on its design and utility. No, it won’t be my bag of choice for something like CES, but if I’m running into the city for a meeting or I’m out for the day and want to have as little as possible along for the ride, this bag will probably be on the short list of what I’d consider taking along. Add in the fact that the smaller bag has an MSRP of under $85 (and is even less through Amazon), and you have a great option for going light.

Let’s take a look at the specs and then jump into the video review.

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From Lowepro:

This modern sling offers an easy way to carry, access and protect your camera gear, plus a tablet.

Dedicated Tablet Compartment

Wear this versatile sling at the front, back or side for comfort and security

A padded and separate compartment offers protection for your iPad® or other tablet

2 Options to Load: Load and unload from the top for easy access or with the front panel fully open for maximum organization

The modern, streamlined design makes it easy to grab gear and capture images.

Here is the video –

The bag offers a compact design and is built for quick access. There are three options for wearing it – at the front, on the back, or on the side. The tablet compartment sits at the back of the bag and is padded for protection. I appreciated the fact that you can modify the divider arrangement to fit your liking or you can entirely remove it and simply have an open storage space. That translates to a bag that is ideal for carrying your specific gear with you – so long as you don’t have a lot along for the trip.

The bag has what the company refers to as a “Tuckaway waistbelt”. It is there to “provide additional stability, comfort and security”. I thought it would look rather lame but when I needed to sprint the last few blocks to a meeting in Manhattan I used it and found it to be incredibly practical if you want to secure the bag and not have it swing around.

After some initial concerns I have come to not only appreciate but to like the style of this bag. It won’t work for every situation but for days when you are on the go and need to travel as “light” as possible but have your key gear with you… this is a great option.

You can learn more here on the Lowepro website. And while it has an MSRP of $84.99, you can get it for ten dollars less here in our Amazon Affiliate Store.

MSRP: $84.99

What I Like: Small; Well made; Two ways to access your gear; Great for on the go; Keeps your gear nice and secure through well-placed straps

What Needs Improvement: Only available in black; Holds a limited amount of gear

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