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October 21, 2012 • Reviews, Travel

Lowepro Urban Photo Sling 250 Camera Bag Video Review

Screen Shot 2012 10 19 at 5 36 17 PM

Lowepro’s Urban Photo Sling 150 was one of the first camera bags I reviewed over the summer. I liked it and have found myself turning to it as one of my “goto” camera bags ever since. (You can read the full review here.) My biggest issue with the bag was its size. The Urban Photo Sling 150 is great when you need to carry a camera and just a bit more, but if you’re on a trip it is a bit too small.

That’s where the Lowepro Urban Photo Sling 250 comes in. It offers the same design and features in a larger bag that is “just right” for someone who needs to carry some additional gear.

Here’s a video look.

Like its smaller sibling the Urban Photo Sling 250 is a flexible bag that works well and is comfortable to carry.

Screen Shot 2012 10 19 at 5 35 47 PM

The company suggests there are three options for wearing it, but I really see only one —  slung on your back. The other two are really all about protecting your gear in crowds and accessing your gear on the fly.

Screen Shot 2012 10 19 at 5 36 29 PM

While the main compartment holds the bulk of your gear, the front area holds smaller items behind both a zipper and a velcro flap. It is a design that is both smart and secure.

Screen Shot 2012 10 19 at 5 36 56 PM
According to Lowepro, the Urban Photo Sling 250 fits:

a Pro DSLR without grip with attached 70-200mm lens

2 extra lenses or a flash OR a flash and 1 lens

A tablet

A small tripod or water bottle

Accessories and personal items

I don’t have a Pro DSLR so, for me, the 250 will hold additional accessories. In my review of the smaller version I had this to say:

After some initial concerns I have come to not only appreciate but to like the style of this bag. It won’t work for every situation but for days when you are on the go and need to travel as “light” as possible but have your key gear with you… this is a great option.

That still holds true with this bag, AND the Urban Photo Sling holds more gear than the 150. That’s good news for someone like me. You can learn more here on the Lowepro website. And you can order it here through our Amazon Affiliate store for just $89.95.

MSRP: $99.99

What I Like: Small; Well made; Two ways to access your gear; Great for on the go; Keeps your gear nice and secure through well-placed straps

What Needs Improvement: Only available in black; Holds a limited amount of gear BUT it holds more than the Urban Photo Sling 150!

6 Responses to " Lowepro Urban Photo Sling 250 Camera Bag Video Review "

  1. sgumer says:

    i love that this will fit my dslr and also extra lenses and other items that i like to take with me where ever i go!

  2. sgumer says:

    i like that this bag has straps so it keeps your stuff nice and snug and from moving around.

  3. sgumer says:

    i like that there are multiple ways to get to your things.

  4. sgumer says:

    i like the use of the front area and that it can hold my small things.

  5. sgumer says:

    i like that this is a sling backpack and i can wear it on my back.

  6. sgumer says:

    i like the size and form factor of the bag. it would be great on trips.

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