CW Returns to Cablevision Subscribers

CW Returns to Cablevision Subscribers

I complained bitterly a few weeks ago about my cable company’s fight with Tribune, and how the result was that we, the viewers, were being punished by losing access to the CW network (and, apparently, Fox if you live in Connecticut). However, I was overjoyed to get the following email from Cablevision this morning, even if it was a bit stiff:

Thanks for bearing with us while we negotiated with Tribune, the owner of the stations in your area that were recently removed from Optimum.

The process took longer than it should have but simply conceding to Tribune’s demands could have led to a rate increase. And that wouldn’t have been fair to you.

In the end, we were able to reach a fair agreement. We’re sorry it meant having to go without some channels for a while and we appreciate your patience.

Tribune-owned stations are back on Optimum. So, whether you’re looking for the World Series, Vampire Diaries or Seinfeld at 11, we’ve got you covered.

Thank you.

First, I am going to count the specific mention of the Vampire Diaries as a shout-out to how much I’ve been complaining about being cut off from my favorite teenage vampire drama [sparkle-free variety]. More importantly, this apology feels really, really empty. Basically, we should appreciate that we lost networks, because Cablevision would have had to raise our rates. I’m just oozing with gratefulness here, can’t you tell?

I also think this is a huge missed opportunity for Cablevision. Most of the CW’s shows are 2-3 episodes into their new seasons, and fans who want to be caught up now will need to head online to the CW website. It would have made for a great gesture of apology for both sides to offer the missed episodes on demand through Cablevision, and it would help Cablevision head off sending their users to web-based alternatives.

Instead, I’ll be hunkering down with my iPad later this weekend to catch all the shows I’ve missed. And next week, finally, I’ll be able to catch my beloved Vampire Diaries live!


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