Spock Squared Makes Everything Funnier

Spock Squared Makes Everything Funnier

I very, very, very rarely notice car commercials. And they never influence me on what sort of car I’d like to drive. But despite them being way out of our price range, I totally want an Audi after seeing this Young Spock/Old Spock commercial, spotted by our friends at Mighty Mega:

Is that not the most awesome, geektastic commercial of all time? I can’t tell what made me laugh harder-the “Wrath of Khan” bit, or the part where Leonard Nimoy sang bits of his infamous Bilbo Baggins song:

And now a bit of trivia after you’re done laughing: Do you know the origins of Spock’s famous “Live Long and Prosper” gesture?

Share your best guess in the comments (no cheating!)


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  • haesslich

    Half of a priestly blessing from Jewish worship services, first invented for Amok Time. A Vulcan greeting, since having T’Pau shake hands or blessing him by touching his shoulders would seem odd given that Vulcans have touch telepathy.

    I thought the casual nerve pinch was a nice touch, though – and a good callback to Wrath of Khan.