Everything Tech Gear Hand Warmer Phone Charger… Because Winter is Here


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I was out walking our miniature golden doodle Nava earlier today, and all I can say is… “BRRRRRRRRR!” It is seriously cold here in New Jersey. But Nava needs at least one walk a day, so into the cold we go. Thankfully, Everything Tech Gear sent their Model HF408 Hand Warmer & Portable Charger Power Bank with Flashlight for review.

Everything Tech Gear Hand Warmer Phone Charger... Because Winter is Here

I know it may sound funny to combine the words “portable charger power bank” and “hand warmer” but this is one time when the convergence of two entirely different products makes sense.

Everything Tech Gear Hand Warmer Phone Charger... Because Winter is Here

As an external battery, the HF408 is pretty much what you might expect. Made from a combination of metal and plastic, it’s rounded shape makes it a bit distinct from the boxy design most external batteries have. On one side the words “Everything Tech Gear” are etched into the metal just below a round, plastic power button.

Everything Tech Gear Hand Warmer Phone Charger... Because Winter is Here


On the end, there is a micro USB port for charging the battery, a USB-A port for connecting a charging cable, a flashlight and four indicator lights that let you know how much charge is available. The indicators also tell you what function is currently active.

The 5200mAH battery takes three and a half hours to charge and then can be used to recharge your phone, wireless headphones, etc. You turn it on with a simple, quick press of the power button. When the charge is almost depleted, it will automatically turn off.

Everything Tech Gear Hand Warmer Phone Charger... Because Winter is Here

To use the flashlight function you quickly press the power button twice. It doesn’t give off a ton of light but, in a pinch, will come in handy.

Everything Tech Gear Hand Warmer Phone Charger... Because Winter is Here

Speaking of handy, let’s talk about the hand warmer functionality. To start the hand warmer function, you press and hold the power button. Once the hand warmer is active, you can choose from three different head settings by pressing the power button additional times.

Setting #1 heats to 37-42 degrees Celsius. Setting #2 heats to 43-48 degrees. Setting #3 runs from 49-54 degrees. Depending on the setting the hand warmer can run up to two hours. It works and made a huge difference in this afternoon’s walk!


  • 5200mAH Charging Capacity
  • Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in hands
  • Heats up all around to keep hands warm
  • Includes flashlight
  • Great for travel and day-to-day use
  • 3 Hand Warming Settings to Choose From!
  • Heats in 30 seconds!

Everything Tech Gear Hand Warmer Phone Charger... Because Winter is Here

The HF408-hand warmer Portable Charger Power Bank with Flashlight measures 102mm by 58.8mm by 24mm. Its unusual shape feels great in the hand when using it to thaw frosty fingers but is a bit unwieldy in a gear bag. It is, however, a reasonable tradeoff and, I suspect, will see a good deal of use for the next few months.

The battery has an MSRP of $89.99 but is currently listed for just $59.99. Check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like:
An external battery that doubles as a hand warmer? What’s not to like?!

What Needs Improvement:
Odd shape; Pricey if it were “just” a 5200mAh battery

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