Skooba Cable Stable Rollup Kit Review

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Back in June, I did a video post on how I created a Skooba Design “Go Pack”. I took one of the company’s Cable Stables and strategically loaded it with all the cables and accessories I need with me on the go. It continues to serve me well but, believe it on not, it can be a bit too large on days when I’m traveling super-light. This is especially so now that my iPad mini is my “go-everywhere” tablet. That’s why I was pleased to get one of Skooba Design’s first Cable Stable Rollup Kits. The Rollup Kit is small, light, easy to carry and, best of all, organizes all the cables I need. And it is so flexible that I think I may order a few more to use with other essentials I carry day to day.

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From Skooba:

The Rollup opens flat for easy loading and instant access to cords and accessories. Divided into five sections, with elastic hold-down loops, to keep coiled cords neat, tangle-free, organized and easy to find. Once loaded, the case simply rolls up, and is secured quickly just by flipping the sewn-in bungee loop around the outside. The full, rolled-up case is about the size and shape of an eyeglass case, making it easy to carry in a coat pocket or any bag. Also great for small travel, office or school supplies like pens and pencils, pocket flashlights, cosmetics and more.

Two Toggle Tie™ cable keepers included. Stretchy bungee loops with push-button barrel locks secure coiled cords of any size, keeping them neat and tangle-free. Great for cables and power cords that are too big to store in the Rollup.

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The Cable Stable Rollup has the same interior design as the original Cable Stable. (It remains for sale on the company site.) Vertical dividers create five different “compartments” and a piece of horizontal elastic provides the flexibility to insert gear and then, when left to its own, hold said gear in place.

The result is something like this.

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From left to right I have: Vmoda headphones, an Apple USB to Lighting Connector, a USB to miniUSB cable, a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable, and a USB to microUSB cable. In other words, in this small package I have pretty much universal connectivity options AND a great pair of earbuds.

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Then, by taking the elastic that is permanently affixed to the Rollup Kit and wrapping it around the bundle, you create a small bundle that can slip in just about any bag or pocket.

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The Kit also comes with two Toggle Tie cable keepers. These are,

bungee loops with push-button adjusters, to neatly hold extra cords, or cables/chargers too large to fit into the Rollup

These may look simplistic and not worthy of mention but for someone like me- someone who wraps cables with rubber bands or twist ties- these are a more flexible and aesthetically pleasing option. Do I need them? No. Will I be using them? You bet.

The Skooba Cable Stable Rollup Kit is a simple accessory that fills a need many of us have by keeping multiple cables organized and within reach. At $14.95 it is inexpensive. And if you spend $50 or more you’ll get free shipping. Better still, spend $75 or more and use the special code gdiary and you’ll save 25%!

Our thanks to Skooba for creating this special deal for our readers and for their continuing support of the site!

The Skooba Cable Stable Rollup Kit is one of those products you simply don’t need. After all, plastic bags can serve pretty much the same purpose. Still, the Skooba Cable Stable Rollup Kit is an accessory you should have. It is well-made, flexible, and it will help keep you organized on the go. Oh, and it just happens to be a ton classier than pulling out a baggie full of tangled cables.

I like the review sample enough that I’ll likely be ordering one or two more for myself and a few as gifts. Learn more and order your here on the Skooba Design website.

MSRP: $14.95 (Save by spending more)

What I Like: Simple; Effective; Flexible; Inexpensive; Well-constructed

What Needs Improvement: Nothing; You don’t NEED it but you will be glad you HAVE it

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