Choetech Glass Pro Premium Tempered iPhone 7 Plus Full Coverage Screen Protector Review

One of the things most glass screen protectors for iPhone have in common is that they aren’t curved, so they don’t cover the edges properly; they always end up a few mm short of the phone’s rim. For the most part, this isn’t a big deal, but it can look and feel weird.

Choetech has a Full Coverage Screen Protector that handles this issue almost perfectly. Take a look at the screen below; if you are used to looking at a glass protector, you’ll immediately see what’s different …


… this protector goes from edge to edge — it covers the entire front surface of the phone.

The package contains the screen cover (which is available with either a black or white border), a microfiber cloth, a wet wipe, a dry wipe, and a selection of guide stickers and a dust-absorber sticker.

When you remove the protector from its padded sleeve, you’ll see that the ends are slightly curved up, and that gives you an idea of how it will fit over the iPhone’s screen. The only concern I had at this point was that there were black edges on the screen protector that looked like they might overlap the bezel on the iPhone’s screen by a hair or so.

After installing the screen protector, which fit perfectly and easily laid down with no bubbles, I could see that there was a tiny overlap on each side of the screen. It’s hard to see, it’s not by much, but it is there. Otherwise, the fit is perfect; the screen and its edges are covered, and there don’t appear to be any obvious lift points.

The other thing that might bother you about the protector is that there is a faint blue tint to it that is only really visible once it has been installed. This is because the protector also has “anti blue-ray” properties that are supposed to help protect your eyes from the light transmitted from your phone. When your screen is turned off, you’ll see a light purple tinge to the screen; when the screen is turned on, I don’t really notice much of a differencein brightness at all.

• Ultra Thin, Perfect Protection: Made of AGC glass and PET material, only 0.33mm thickness, with high response. Featuring maximum protection from high impact drops, scratches, scrapes, and bumps.

• 3D Curved Fit: Provides full coverage for your iPhone 7 display including curved. The edge adopts carbon fiber material, soft curve for your screen.

• Anti-fingerprint Oil Coating Surface: Anti-fingerprint oil screen coating surface protects against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints and makes the film easy to clean.

• 9H Hardness : The iPhone 7 screen protector features a Surface Hardness (9H), which is 3X stronger than the PET film.

• Note: The screen protector adopts anti blue-ray technology, it is normal that your screen may look darker than the other screen protectors you used before. When the phone is in sleep mode, the shade of the screen looks a little purple or blue but as soon as you turn the phone on it looks like you don’t have anything on the phone.



If you are worried about giving up even a smidge of your iPhone’s screen on each side, or if you have an issue with the slight tint to the protector, then this one will likely not work for you. However, I am going to continue using it; I like the snug full-coverage fit, the protector’s lack of bubbles, how clean it looks (with no scratches or smudges), and that it doesn’t look like I have a protector installed — unless I catch a hint of the blue tint.

The Choetech Tempered Glass Full iPhone 7 Plus Coverage Screen Protector retails for $7.99, and it is available from Amazon.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Easy to install with no bubbles; Covers the entire phone screen; No smudges or scratches on-screen when using the protector

What Needs Improvement: Black borders of the screen protector cover a tiny bit of the screen’s sides; Blue/purple tint to the screen protector when the screen is turned off

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