Scosche StrikeLine Cable Is a Better Way to Use an iPhone 7 and Wired Headphones

Sure, Apple included a 3.5mm to Lightning Adapter with the iPhone 7 when they removed the 3.5mm headphone jack, but that adapter is a pain. It works, but it is cheap and annoying. And while you need it to use in-ear headphones, the Scosche StrikeLine Cable is a better alternative if you use over-the-ear or on-the-ear headphones.

Scosche StrikeLine Cable Is a Better Way to Use an iPhone 7 and Wired Headphones

If your on-the-ear or over-the-ear headphones have a detachable 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable, then the Scosche StrikeLine Cable is for you. At just $39.99, it lets you use your wired headphones without the need for an adapter sitting between the headphone’s 3.5mm jack and the iPhone’s Lightning Connector. And while Scosche specifically refers to the cable being used with Bose headphones, I’ve found they work just fine with headphones from other companies… so long as they have a 3.5mm plug on the headphones and not a 2.5mm plug. (Thankfully, Scosche also offers a version with a 2.5mm plug that will work with Bose and JBL headphones. Since I love my JBL headphones, I’ll probably pick one of this up as well.)

Scosche StrikeLine Cable Is a Better Way to Use an iPhone 7 and Wired Headphones

Here’s what Scosche has to say about this StrikeLine cable:

We’ve all heard the rumors about Apple removing the headphone jack from the new iPhone 7. Now that we’ve seen that come true we’re all asking, “What now?”. Bluetooth is not your only option. With this Lightning to 3.5mm adapter, you can still connect any of your favorite aux in devices, like headphones or your car stereo, to your new iPhone. This Lightning to 3.5mm cable allows you to connect the new iPhone to a pair of headphones or car stereo that has a 3.5 mm jack/auxiliary input plug.

Scosche StrikeLine Cable Is a Better Way to Use an iPhone 7 and Wired Headphones

The cable is a fairly standard cable. As you might expect, it includes a built-in microphone for hands-free calls, a button for activating Siri, and controls for your music. But this is not just about having a cable that lets you replace the 3.5mm to 3.5mm one that originally shipped with the headphones. No, this cable takes into account the fact that you are now connecting to the iPhone via the Lightning connector.

Scosche StrikeLine Cable Is a Better Way to Use an iPhone 7 and Wired Headphones

This isn’t just a cable. The electronics in this part of the accessory helps ensure the best possible sound.

Enhanced Audio Quality: A direct connection from Lightning to USB will deliver outstanding sound quality. This cable minimizes any manipulation of the audio signal. Although Bluetooth is not far behind in quality, it does still sacrifice some of that quality as it is manipulating the signal while it wirelessly transfers your music.

Scosche StrikeLine Cable Is a Better Way to Use an iPhone 7 and Wired Headphones

And there is more. While the primary reason I wanted to review the Scosche StrikeLine Cable was to be able to use my wired headphones with my iPhone 7 again since this is a standalone cable it can be used with more than just headphones. For example, if you want to send music from your iPhone 7 to your car stereo or home audio system, and you want the ease and the clarity of a wired connection, this cable makes that possible as well.

Connect your iPhone to any AUX-in device: Male Lightning to male 3.5mm allows you to plug your iPhone into any device that allows Aux-In. Devices such as speakers, headphones, home stereo systems, car radios and much more!

Finally, Scosche has also made a special app available in the iTunes App Store. The free Scosche Player is fine, but it may not replace your usual go-to music app. Where it comes in handy is that the app will also make Firmware Updates possible that will “ensure ongoing IOS Compatibility.” To be clear, you don’t need to use the Scosche app to take advantage of the cable, but it is nice that the company made a free app available.

Scosche StrikeLine Cable Is a Better Way to Use an iPhone 7 and Wired Headphones

The Scosche StrikeLine Cable is a small, simple accessory but it is one that can make a huge difference. If you already have wired headphones, you love it gives them a new life in a world of iPhone 7s. And since we can expect Apple to extend this decision to other products, knowing there is a good, reliable, easily affordable, way to avoid using Apple’s cheap adapter is a huge plus. This cable will work with wired headphones that take a 3.5mm cable. For Bose and JBL you will want the version with 2.5mm. Either way, I’m grateful to Scosche of rolling something like this out. Check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer Supplied Review Sample

What I Like: Simple to use; Microphone and music/Siri control built in; Offers better and more convenient audio than most Bluetooth headphones; Gives old headphones a new life

What Needs Improvement: Nothing. But it is a bummer that I need both the 3.5mm and the 2.5mm versions to make use of all my headphones. #FirstWorldProblem

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