Phiaton BonoBuds True Wireless Earbuds Review: Active Noise Cancellation That Won’t Break Your Budget

One of the greatest things about true wireless earbuds is that they’ve become incredibly diverse, and they are available at just about any price point with multiple feature sets. And now you don’t need to wince at spending a few hundred on earbuds when you can get a solid listening and call experience for less money without giving up extra features like noise cancellation, as we’ve seen with the Phiaton BonoBuds!

Phiaton Releases The BOLT BT 700 Wireless Earphones

I am completely sold on the idea of truly wireless earphones. While the selection is growing, finding quality is often difficult. Phiaton Corporation today announced the BOLT BT 700 wireless earphones featuring armature drivers and a portable charging case that doubles as a wireless speaker on Kickstarter ($79/$139). I was lucky enough to get an early sample so let’s take a look. 

Phiaton BT 390 Brings Big Sound in a Small Package

Wireless headphones have become a staple in my life and I love getting great sound. Over the ear options are often pretty bulky, so luckily Phiaton has released the BT 390 Compact headphones ($79.99). These smaller headphones fold up for easy carry but do not disappoint with the audio quality. Let’s take a look. 

Phiaton BT 390 Foldable Headphones: Perfect for Commuters

We’re big fans of Phiaton headphones, and I’ve no doubt that their latest will be popular, too. Introducing the Phiaton BT 390 Foldable Headphones; they have a minimalistic and easy to carry design. At $79 on Amazon, you’ll want to snatch a pair for yourself.

Phiaton BT 460 Let You Cut the Cord and Keep the Sound

We recently took a look at the latest in-ear headphones from Phiaton. While not a familiar brand to most, the company produces great audio products and deserves a look. Case in point: the Phiaton BT 460 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. Comfortable and great sounding, they have an MSRP of $249 but can be had at Amazon for under $200.

Phiaton MS 300 BA Hybrid Earphones Offer Great Sound at a Good Price

Phiaton isn’t a brand name when it comes to audio products. (It isn’t a brand name for any products actually.) It should be. Their headphones have consistently impressed me and their new Phiaton MS 300 BA Hybrid Earphones are no exception. They look good. They are comfortable. They sound good. And you can get them for under $100!

Phiaton Unveils New Headphone Offerings

I’m a big fan of Phiaton’s audio products and have covered many of their various offerings. The company just introduced a fresh new design to its line of premium audio solutions with the BT 460 wireless headphones and MS 300 BA earphones. The two offerings have a new look and new technology. They are updates worthy of note. 

Phiaton Fusion MS 430 Wired Headphones

Phiaton has been on a roll and expanding their headphone line-up at a rapid pace. We recently reviewed their CHORD MS 530 headphones. Now we’re taking a look at Phiaton’s Fusion MS 430 wired headphones. These retail for under $180 and are on Amazon for under $150. If you are in the market, these are a great on-ear headphone option.

Phiaton Chord MS 530 Bluetooth Headphones Cut the Cord and the Noise

The Phiaton Chord MS 530 Bluetooth headphones combine premium materials, Bluetooth 4.0 and Active Noise Cancellation in a single pair of high-end, stylish headphones you’ll want to wear for hours at a time. Comfortable and great-sounding, the Chord MS 530 headphones are also well-made and great-looking. At an MSRP of $349 they should impress. And, in a word, they do!

Phiaton Chord MS 530 and Fusion MS430 Headphones- 1st Look

We recently brought word that Phiaton was releasing two new pair of headphones. Phiaton’s $349 Chord MS 530 Headphones cut the cords thank to Bluetooth AND have active noise cancellation. The $180 Fusion MS430 headphones use carbon fiber to keep weight down without comprising on build-quality. Reviews are on the way. For now, check out these two first look videos.

Phiaton’s Fusion MS 430 Brings Audio Quality and Style Together

Phiaton‘s latest over-ear headphones are the new Fusion MS 430. “Every detail in the Fusion MS 430 Headphones was skillfully combined, fusing brilliant materials and sound technology to deliver a powerful, aesthetic and resilient headphone.” The Fusion MS 430s bring aluminum and red accents to Phiaton’s signature carbon graphite fiber design. Lightweight and durable, the 40mm drivers and oversized Neodymium magnets help create beautiful music. We’ll have links and a closer look soon.

Cut the Cords and the Noise with Phiaton’s New Chord MS 530 Headphones

Phiaton has been adding depth to their headphone lineup and their latest, the Phiaton Chord MS 530 Headphones, is set to impress. These headphones offer “incredible sound, active noise-cancellation, the flexibility of wireless Bluetooth and an unrivaled design that stands apart from competitors.” With 18-30 hours of talk and listening time these $349 headphones do it all. Check them out.

Over-the-Ear Headphone Shootout – A GearFest Video

Last week Judie and I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with a few pair of the over-the-ear headphones I have reviewed over the past year. With prices ranging from just $149.99 all the way up to $379.95, these headphones cover a good deal of ground. Moreover, one pair offer active noise cancellation while another can be used in either wired or wireless modes. In other words, these headphones don’t all sit nicely in a single product category. At the same time, if you are in the market for new headphones then you are likely going to purchase…

Phiaton Bridge MS500 Headphones Review – They Offer Style, Comfort and Excellent Sound

Sexy and stylish are the only way I can describe the Phiaton Bridge MS500 headphones. That came as a surprise, considering I have been impressed with the sound of previous Phiaton headphones I’ve reviewed, but I would not have described any of them as particularly stylish. (The Moderna MS200 did come close.) The Bridge MS500 headphones bring style to the Phiaton lineup even as they bring a premium price tag of $299. Does high style merge with great sound when it comes to the company’s marque headphones offerings? Read on to find out.

Phiaton PS 210 BTNC Noise Canceling Headphones Review

I had the opportunity to look at a number of different headphones from Phiaton in recent months. The first pair of Phiaton headphones I reviewed were the Phiaton’s PS 20 BT Stereo Headset. (Read the review.) These wireless bluetooth headphones were incredibly comfortable and sounded great. I found the control module to be a bit awkward. It’s round and the buttons were rather difficult to access times. I also didn’t love the fact that you couldn’t use your own earbuds but, thankfully, the earbuds that came with the PS 20 BT Stereo Headset were comfortable and sounded great. Here’s what I…

Phiaton PS 300 NC Premium Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

I’m into a period of time that will see me on planes rather frequently, and while I’ve tried various noise canceling headphones over the years, I’ve never found a pair I loved to use. For example, I was impressed with the Sennhauser MM 450s when I reviewed them, but when I bought a pair on sale a few months ago I found myself disappointed with the buzz created by the noise cancellation system. It wasn’t bad, but it was noticeable, and I just couldn’t see myself using them longterm. Most recently I had purchased a pair of inexpensive Sony in-ear…

Phiaton MODERNA MS 200 Earphones Review

Back in July I put the Phiaton PS 20 BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset head to head with the Jabra Clipper Bluetooth Stereo Headset. (Read the pos, here.) I preferred the Phiaton PS 20 BTs to Jabra’s offering, and I have continued to use them on a fairly frequent basis since doing the review. Among the things that stood out at the time was the unusual design of the earbuds — they are angled in a manner that surprised me. On first appearance, the design looked awkward; I expected them to be uncomfortable, but I was wrong! The earbuds went into my…

Gear-vs-Gear, the Phiaton PS 20 BT vs the Jabra Clipper, Bluetooth Headset Head-to-Head

It is time for another Gear Diary “Gear vs Gear”. Today’s competitors are the Phiaton PS 20 BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset and the Jabra Clipper Bluetooth Stereo Headset. Both let you cut the cord. Both let you listen to music and make/take calls. Both let you clip the battery, microphone and controls to your shirt so you don’t have a heavy portion hanging off your ears. And both… quite honestly, are good options. Yes, in this head-to-head both decisions are good but, in the end, you’ll want to purchase just one so the question remains… which one? Here’s our video look…

Phiaton PS 20 BT Stereo BT Headset Bring Advanced Technology

Phiaton’s PS 20 BT Stereo Headset may look like any other pair of Bluetooth headphones but they pack in a huge amount of new technology that makes them stand out fro the crowd. The PS 20 BTs have Bluetooth 3.0 capability and use the 2.4GHz frequency for things such as pairing and taking phone calls but for activities that use heavier data they switch to Wi-Fi (802.11). That, for example, allows “more information to be sent to your listening device, providing drastically improved sound quality”.