Dying to Hear the New Ke$ha Album? Stream It FREE at iTunes!

Dying to Hear the New Ke$ha Album? Stream It FREE at iTunes!

My wife likes to call Ke$ha a guilty pleasure similar to Nickelback – she would never call it ‘good’, but enjoys grooving to the tunes on occasion. I reviewed 2011’s Cannibal here, and called most of it ‘garbage’ – which is an opinion I still hold.

Now she has a new album ‘Warrior’ launching on December 4th, but you can stream it for free on iTunes right now!

But considering I like pretty much all of Cannibal more than the lead song ‘Die Young’ from Warrior … my expectations were pretty low – and based on sampling the stream I think I can just copy and paste from my Cannibal review:

Just because I call it ‘garbage’ doesn’t mean these songs aren’t catchy or that the publishing company won’t pay loads of money to ensure you hear them over and over on the radio. Ke$ha is ‘product’, and so long as her stuff is being bought at this level you’ll hear it. What you get are simplistic tracks full of generic techno structures that will sound eerily similar to other songs by other artists written by the same songwriting team. You get heavily spliced up vocals dripping with saturated auto-tune. Everything is perfect to the point of sounding dehumanized, and if it wasn’t for Ke$ha’s flippant attitude and provocative swagger there would be no draw at all.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we won’t be grooving to it in our house if the stuff catches on (or more to the point, the paid-radio-airtime produces enough sales) … so check it out and get a preview of what will be on Top 40 radio all winter!

Head to iTunes to stream Warrior for free!

And you can head to the official Ke$ha site for more info, video and non-iTunes pre-order links!

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