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December 21, 2012 • Gear Bits, Health and Fitness

‘This is One Serving’ Holiday Party Snack Edition

Egg Nog Serving

Remember how we posted about a cool article at the Greatist that broke down the traditional Thanksgiving meal by showing the approximate size of a single serving of our favorite dishes? Well, for many of us the entire month of December seems like one long binge-fest of appetizers, cookie-swaps, pass-a-pot luncheons, and so on.

So naturally the folks at the Greatist have come up with a NEW visual guide to remind you of just how badly you are overeating at those holiday events. Here is a sample:

Egg Nog Serving Size Equivalent: A three-ounce espresso cup
143 calories, 6 grams of fat

This one is close to my heart – I love egg nog, and having it while we decorate the tree and for Christmas morning is an annual tradition. But because of how thick and rich it is, I tend to have a single small glass each time. This year my older son decided he was really into it, and grabbed a full-size tumbler glass (~12-16 oz) and drank it all rather quickly. As I reminded him later, when he ‘wasn’t feeling so good’ … there is a reason the serving size is so small.

What are your holiday guilty pleasures and strategies to enjoy what you like without feeling sick from over-indulging or waking up with a ‘junk food hangover’?

Source: Greatist

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