Random Cool Video: Every Star Wars Lightsaber On/Off!

Random Cool Video: Every Star Wars Lightsaber On/Off!

I remember reading something several years ago about the reasoning behind the different sounds made by various lightsabers in the original Star Wars movies. It seemed pretty cool that Luke had Anakin’s old lightsaber and based on crystals and power sources it was blue and made one sound, whereas when he constructed his own it was a different color and made a different sound.

Of course, back then there was no YouTube (or DVD), and for the majority of years the movies were not available outside of theaters or TV re-runs … so you rarely got to dig into such details!

But now we have a really cool video that steps through every time a lightsaber was switched on or off – chronologically! The creator of the video, named Eric, starts with the ignitions, then steps backwards through the power-downs.

Oh … just check out the video!

So who was your favorite lightsaber wielder?

Source: Geeky-Gadgets

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