Everything You Need to Know About Electrostatic Discharge in One Funny Video


Having worked with electronics through instruments companies or the semiconductor industry most of my professional career, I am keenly aware of the potential impact of a minor static shock on electronics. Static is more technically called ‘electrostatic discharge’ or ESD. From my very first job I was introduced to the concept of grounding straps, anti-stat mats, and on and on. For a great reference on the topic, check out this old magazine article on the impact of ESD on electronics.

When I was learning, there were documents on the impact that talked about the technical impacts of how current and voltage would travel in different systems, how the precautions worked on a schematic level, and so on. But this was even before the time of the CD (let alone MP3), so online video was totally out of the question.

But today there are online training videos for just about everything … including ESD safety. So when I saw a post in one of my electrical engineering forums about ‘everything you need to know about ESD’, I just assumed it was a basic safety video. Instead … it is a hilarious look at what happens when you forget some of the rules while you are trying to explain why they are important. Definitely worth a watch … and it will also teach you something about protecting your electronics!

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