Dlodlo Announces the World’s Lightest Virtual Reality Glasses

Dlodlo, the world’s leader in Virtual Reality products announced earlier this week their Dlodlo VR Glasses, the world’s lightest portable Virtual Reality Glasses.


Upon first glance, the VR glasses aren’t what you’d expect out of a Judge Dredd movie. The fashionably designed, wireless, and super lightweight glasses are not only portable and comfortable (unlike their competitors), they actually do everything accurately. The 4 ounce glasses are four times lighter than standard VR headsets, and with the highest full HD 2k+ resolution, and the largest 110 degree field of view, the Virtual Reality glasses are a visual feast of stereoscopic 3D gaming and movies.

Dlodlo Announces The World's Lightest Virtual Reality Glasses

The Full HD 2k resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio and the fastest 120Hz refresh rate is able to support a display without lag or distortion. With 4k video displays, not only does Dlodlo’s glasses support 2D/3D switch video, it’s field of view will immerse you with the largest FOV without a border for the best experience ever. Running on all Bluetooth devices, there’s no need for a PC or a Mac, and it uses Android 4.4 for the glasses straight out of the box. But the device will work with gaming devices, smartphones, tablets, speakers, laptops, you name it. I personally would like to see how they work while playing my PlayStation or simply watching a movie on my Vizio.


Dlodlo made sure that the glasses were easy to carry, wear, and use. Being able to adjust from 58mm to 70mm, you won’t even have to wear your own personal glasses underneath if you have vision problems or simply use corrective glasses. The material is skin friendly as well so you won’t find yourself only wanting to wear for small intervals, but instead enjoying the natural color effects which has display modules that give up to 97% more natural color spectrum.


Coming in colors options like Black, Ivory, and Champion Gold, all featuring the same interactive mode with touch, or move-enabled controls, these VR glasses will cost you $699, but they are worth every penny. You can pick them from third party sites like Amazon or Ebay, but with an estimated shipping of May 27th, you can order yours today from their site.

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