Incipio Stanley Technician Case for iPhone 5 Review

Incipio Stanley Technician Case for iPhone 5

Incipio Stanley Technician Case for iPhone 5, photo courtesy of Incipio

When I purchase a case for my phone, the most important quality for me is durability — how well the case will protect my phone.  I’ve had my fair share of phone accidents including drop kicking my iPhone under my car, knocking it out the window, and accidentally leaving it on the floor for my dog to mistake as a chew toy.    The Incipio Stanley Technician Case for iPhone 5 is a rugged case that has a rigid plextonium frame (not quite sure what that is, but it sounds tough), impact resistant semi-rigid NGP soft shell core (also sounds good), and it has a slightly raised core to protect the face of the phone from light wear.

Incipio Stanley Technician Case for iPhone 5

Back of the pink cover

Outfitting my phone with the case was simple.  Unlike cases such as the Otterbox and Lifeproof, the Technician case is all one piece, making it easier to apply and remove.  The case also comes with a screen protector, screen protector applicator, and microfiber cleaning cloth, which was a nice added bonus.


While covered, the buttons retained the phone’s firm button feel and did not feel mushy like some other cases do.  The case itself is very light, which is great for people who do not want added bulk; to me it felt somewhat flimsy, and I was unwilling to perform any drop tests.  While the front of the case is slightly raised, it is less pronounced than the Otterbox, and again — I do not trust it to protect my phone against major drops and bangs.

Incipio Stanley Technician Case for iPhone 5

Phone in the holster, screen facing inward. Thank you, Perry, for being our model.

The case comes with a nice holster which allows easy access to the phone.  I also like how the phone can be placed in the holster with the screen facing out or the screen facing in, offering further protection for the screen.

Incipio Stanley Technician Case for iPhone 5

Phone in the holster, screen facing outward

While the fully-adjustable holster sits nicely on my hip, I am not the holster type of gal.  If I were looking for a phone with moderate protection that came with a holster, I would seriously consider purchasing the Stanley Technician case.  The case available in four colors:  yellow/black, white/gray, pink/black, and black/black.

MSRP:  $39.99 from Incipio’s website ; about $25 on Amazon

What I Like:  Bright color choices; fully-adjustable holster; microfiber cleaning cloth

What Needs Improvement:  The case feels a bit flimsy, but still seems like it offers adequate protection.  The price is fair, but the Otterbox Commuter, which offers more substantial protection than the Technician is priced at around $20 on Amazon.

Source:  Manufacturer supplied review sample

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