Toast Natural Wood Cover and Wraps for iPhone 5 Review

Toast Natural Wood Cover and Wraps

Carly reviewed the Toast Cover for the iPhone 4S (read the review), and I followed up with a review of the Toast protective back for the iPad mini (read the review); I even showed it on camera (check out the video)! This time out we are looking at the Toast Natural Wood Cover and Wraps for the iPhone 5. Like the other Toast products we have reviewed, the Toast Natural Wood Cover and Wraps are made from real wood; they have a terrific look and feel that adds both class and protection to Apple’s current iPhone.

Toast Natural Wood Cover and Wraps

As you can see, the Toast Natural Wood Cover and Wraps are two separate products. The good news is that you can get a set for as little as $30. That’s a pretty amazing deal, considering the fact that the combination gives you excellent back and side scratch protection.

Toast Natural Wood Cover and Wraps

The Toast iPhone covers are laser-cut from real wood. covers designed to protect and enhance your iPhone 5. The backs offer scratch protection and add grip thanks to the natural grain of the wood. The backing is held in place with strong adhesive. Applying the back is simple. I actually got it right on the first try, which is rather unusual for me. It is also a good thing since, as the company notes, “due to the new metal back on the iPhone 5, our covers are not reusable. They are meant to be left on as a very durable, gorgeous and long-lasting cover.” In other words, when first applying the back, you might have a bit of room for trial and error; but once the back has cured in place, it is staying put or else it will have to be removed and tossed. That’s a drag for those of us who change cases and coverings on a frequent basis. I have two battery cases to review and both will require me to remove the backing. Of course, I’m not exactly the norm; plenty of folks won’t find this to be an issue.

The company also offers personalization for just $5. I didn’t request it, but the review sample came with my name already etched into the wood. I would likely have done something else to personalize it, but my name will do!

I definitely need to point out that the fit and finish on the Toast Cover for iPhone 5 is precise; this is a high quality natural product.

Toast Natural Wood Cover and Wraps

The Toast Wrap for iPhone 5 is a terrific addition to the Toast Cover for iPhone 5. And while they do add “style and grip”, on the scratch-prone iPhone 5 they are especially important. This holds true on the black iPhone more than the white version, since the black on the sides is painted on and tends to scratch easily. And while the Wraps don’t cover the very top of the sides (the part that angles toward the screen) they do add a significant amount of protection.

Toast Natural Wood Cover and Wraps

I found the Toast Natural Wood Cover and Wraps for iPhone 5 to be exceptionally easy to apply and, shock of shocks, I was able to line them up perfectly. Here’s the bigger shocker — I applied them over the Rash Guards I received from Element Case, and they work perfectly. The Rash Guards cover that small upper portion I mentioned previously, and they let the back and sides be completely covered.

Toast Natural Wood Cover and Wraps

The cover can be plain or, for a few dollars more, you can add one of a growing number of designs.

Toast Natural Wood Cover and Wraps

Like their other products, the Toast Natural Wood Cover and Wraps for iPhone 5 are available in three wood choices. My clear choice is the walnut; I love how deep and rich the look and feel is.


Toast Natural Wood Cover and Wraps

I just love how the Toast Natural Wood Cover and Wraps for iPhone 5 offer a high degree of scratch protection. That’s a must, thanks to what I consider to be a design flaw with Apple’s iPhone 5. Silly me for thinking that the iPhone 5 was supposed to be MORE durable than the iPhone 4S!

You can learn more and order yours here.

MSRP: Plain — $25, Design — $30, Personalization — $5, Wraps — $5

What I Like: Three choices of gorgeous wood; Perfectly cut for an excellent fit and finish; Wraps add protection; Added grip; Available plain, with a design, and with personalization

What Needs Improvement: Not reusable; Wraps leave the very upper edge of the sides exposed (this is not a fault of the company but a result of Apple’s design)

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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