How Do You Kill a Samsung Galaxy S III?


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How Do You Kill a Samsung Galaxy S III? Listen to this article
How Do You Kill a Samsung Galaxy S III

This is what a dead Samsung Galaxy S III looks like


We’ve all done it., killed a phone at one time or another.  I’ve had one die in the toilet, I almost lost my G1 in a glass of tea, and I broke my first PDA by dropping it on the floor at church.  My friend from church lost his in unique way; that picture above is his Galaxy S III after it was chopped up by a bush hog lawn mower.  It’s a good thing he had insurance!

Come on, fess up!  What is the worst thing that you have ever done to your phone?  Has it changed what you do with it?  Have you found a rock-solid case for your favorite phone killing person?  Tell your story of woe below.

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