Nomad Battery Cable Now Super-sized for Extra Awesomeness

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Not long ago I reviewed Nomad’s Battery Cable. I loved it. The Battery Cable combines Nomad’s amazing USB to Lightning cable with a battery. That way, your gear bag not only has a charging cable but one that doubles as an external battery. Now, with phones becoming bigger than ever, Nomad has issued a new Battery Cable with extra juice.

Nomad Battery Cable Now Super-sized for Extra Awesomeness

In my initial review I wrote the following:

It is rare that I refer to tech as “brilliantly innovative.” It is even rarer when the “brilliantly innovative” tech is nothing more than an iPhone charging cable. Then again, the Nomad Battery Cable isn’t just any old iPhone charging cable. It is tough, works well and, as the name suggests, it has a battery built right into the cable.

I continued

The Nomad Battery Cable is a perfect iPhone accessory for someone like me who always has a charging cable in his gear bag. Think about it, since I have a cable with me anyway, why not have a cable that can not only charge my phone when it is plugged in but also charge my phone when I am on the go? And since the cable’s battery gets charged using the same cable that charges my phone, it will always have a full charge. (If you have ever pulled out an external battery only to find that it, like your phone, has little to no charge left, you know what a great idea this is.)

Nomad Battery Cable Now Super-sized for Extra Awesomeness

All that holds true with the new release which takes a great accessory and makes it even better.

Nomad Battery Cable Now Super-sized for Extra Awesomeness

The Battery Cable is still made from a durable, 500D nylon wrapped, MFI Certified Lightning Cable. It still includes a battery that it wrapped in a strong aluminum housing. Now, however, the aluminum housing is even tougher.

Nomad Battery Cable Now Super-sized for Extra Awesomeness

Our new aluminum housing provides not only a more premium feel but additional protection – giving you the peace of mind to treat this cable as you would any other.

Nomad Battery Cable Now Super-sized for Extra Awesomeness

But while the original Battery Cable had a 2350mAh Battery, the new version has a high-capacity 2800mAh portable battery. That extra 450mAh means the new Battery Cable delivers enough juice to fully charge an iPhone X!

Nomad Battery Cable Now Super-sized for Extra Awesomeness

Some things haven’t changed, however.

The 500D Nylon is still woven in a ballistic weave pattern originally developed by the military to protect troops from shrapnel and bullets. That makes this one tough cable!

The battery still “knows your priorities” and is smart enough to charge your phone first. Only after the phone is fully charged will the battery itself start to top itself off.

Nomad Battery Cable Now Super-sized for Extra Awesomeness

The Battery Cable still comes with Nomad’s amazing Silicone Cable Tie.

Nomad Battery Cable Now Super-sized for Extra Awesomeness

This may sound like a small thing but the Nomad Silicon Cable Tie is made from a custom designed Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) and is the best cable tie I have ever used. (If Nomad ever starts selling these as a stand-alone accessory I’ll be buying a bunch!)

Nomad Battery Cable Now Super-sized for Extra Awesomeness

Perhaps most importantly though is the fact that the new Battery Cable carries the same $49.95 price tag as the original version. That’s right, the new Nomad Battery Cable has a more robust aluminum housing and packs an extra 450mAh of juice but carries the exact same price!


  • New robust aluminum housing
  • 2800mAh of power storage (20% increase)
  • 1X iPhone charge
  • Apple MFi approved
  • Pass-through charging technology
  • 1.5 Meters long
  • Made from Ultra Rugged Ballistic Nylon
  • Includes a vulcanized LSR silicone cable tie

The new Nomad Battery Cable has a capacity of 2800mAh, has a USB A 5V/1.5A input, an Apple Lightning 5V/1.5A output and is 1.5 meters long. It is designed to deliver a full charge to the iPhone X but is not designed to charge iPads.

I love the original Nomad Battery Cable. The new Nomad Battery Cable takes a great product and makes it even better. And it does so without raising the price. That’s something worthy of note… and a purchase. Check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the new Nomad Battery Cable

What I Like: Takes everything I loved about the original version while increasing both the durability and capacity without raising the price

What Needs Improvement: Nothing, but it is worth noting that this is designed for iPhones but not iPads

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