The Invisiplug 6 Outlet Power Strip Hides an Otherwise Ugly Necessity

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I dislike the way the typical power strip will stick out like from under or behind my furnishings like a sore thumb. Even worse, I dislike the way power strips look when lying in plain site on top of an area rug. Because most power strips are a stark ugly white or boring beige, unless they are camouflaged by matching carpet, kept completely hidden, or their owner just becomes immune to noticing them anymore, they can be a bit of an eyesore. Maybe they don’t bother you that much, but if you agree with me, I might have found a solution. If you have hardwood floors in your home, you might want to give the Invisiplug Power StripHome Tech   Home Tech    a try; the Invisiplug masks the typical  six-slot power surge protecting strip with a woodgrain that will (more or less) match your floors.

With the Invisiplug, you can convert a single Outlet into six surge protected outlets; the Invisiplug has a three-foot grounded cord with Master power switch, and it protects your expensive electronics with a 15 AMP (90 Joules) circuit breaker. You can even mount the Invisiplug on your wall when floorspace is sparse.

$15.99 will get you an Invisiplug in dark oak, light natural, or medium cherry. We have bamboo flooring, and I think that the light natural will work well with it.

The Invisiplug 6 Outlet Power StripHome Tech   Home Tech   via Apartment Therapy

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