HoodiePillow, a SharkTank Product Pitch Product Review

HoodiePillow, a SharkTank Product Pitch Product

I was watching SharkTank a few months ago when I saw the HoodiePillow pitch. I laughed … out loud. In part because the product sounds so silly, but also because we were pitched this product or something like it quite some time ago, and I thought it was a joke. What’s a HoodiePillow you ask?

HoodiePillow, a SharkTank Product Pitch Product

The Sharks asked the same question, and they were more than amused by the answer. The HoodiePillow is exactly what it sounds like — a hoodie that is also a pillow case. Put the HoodiePillow on your pillow, and you now have a “pillow with benefits”. Those benefits being the warmth and comfort of a hoodie along with a pocket for a phone or MP3 player; the hoodie has channels to allow the cable to run from the device pocket inside the HoodiePillow and out again into the hoodie itself so you can listen to music without the cables getting in the way.

HoodiePillow, a SharkTank Product Pitch Product

Here’s what the company has to say about the HoodiePillow

…the HoodiePillow – Hooded Pillowcase can provide ultimate cocoonification™, helping you tuck away the stresses of your day. It supplies warmth, quiet, focus, and a healthy sleep environment. Whether you’re browsing the Interwebs, curling up with a good book, dozing on the couch, watching TV, gearing up for some concentrated study or simply looking to get some uninterrupted shut-eye, the HoodiePillow pillowcase is the perfect accessory to enhance your lounging experience.


The HoodiePillow fits all standard bed pillows, and it measures 20” by 32”. The HoodiePillow is made from premium sweatshirt material, and it lets you add a hood to your pillow. Hence they named it the “HoodiePillow”.

“Great for reading, watching TV, studying, or listening to music” (that’s the company’s words not mine), the HoodiePillow features:

Two drawstrings to adjust head size and level of hooded comfort

A pocket to hold your phone, remote, or wallet

A headphone porthole for tangle-free listening

Is crafted from premium sweatshirt material (cotton and polyester 80/20)

Fits standard bed pillows (20″ x 32″)

Is machine washable.

Dumb? Crazy? Stupid? Seriously, you need to ask, “Who would buy such an item?”

And were you to ask that question I would have to answer … “Me!”


Yes, I ordered a HoodiePillow. Why? Simple, I love hoodies and always have. My wife Elana pointed out that I’ve always loved hooded sweatshirts, and I was wearing them long before their renewed recent popularity. I saw the HoodiePillow on SharkTank and, before the pitch was even done, I ordered one. I’ve been using it since it arrived and, to be honest, I’m kind of mixed on it.


The HoodiePillow does exactly what it promises to do. It is a comfortable pillow in its own right and it adds the comfort, warmth and “coocoonification” of a hood. I like the concept, but I find the position on the hood to be a little too low on that side of the pillow. As such, it actually is a bit restrictive in movement and, at times, a bit uncomfortable. So while I do love having a hood built into my pillowcase, the HoodiePillow as it is currently designed falls short of its “promise”. If I’m sitting or reclining  while reading or watching a movie, it is fine. But using it to actually sleep, or to even take a nap, is actually a bit awkward. Were the hood attached just a bit higher on the pillow, I think I would find it more comfortable.

Luckily the HoodiePillow has a younger sibling, the Travel HoodiePillow and, yes, I ordered one of those too. We’ll take a look at it in part two of this HoodiePillow Review.


Learn more and order yours — if you dare — here. And if you do order one, then please share your pictures using it, so I’m not out here on my own too long. 🙂

MSRP: $24.95

What I Like: Soft sweatshirt material; Drawstrings on the hood; Pocket for your phone or mp3 player; Pass through for the headphone cable; Let’s you stay warm without having to wear a full hoodie; Good when you want to take a nap and the light bothers you

What Needs Improvement: The hood is attached a bit to low on the pillow for my comfort. It would be better if it were anchored higher up on the pillow

Source: Personal purchase

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  1. Too silly to not post….especially since you bought it. 🙂 My only question is would you use either of these…in public? 🙂

  2. I never understood the reasoning for something like this…why would I want to sleep with headphones on? Doesn’t sound comfortable to me!

  3. I actually listen to music when falling asleep many nights and, in order not to disturb Elana, need to wear headphones.

  4. I always do the same thing…but with podcasts. Use Doggcatcher to have it shut off in 10-15 minutes depending on how sleepy I am. The best part is my alarm only wakes me since I also use my phone as my alarm clock.

    Probably not the best idea I know but oh well! 🙂

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