Zinio Introduces Z-Pass – 3 Digital Magazines Per Month for $5


If you haven’t already discovered how awesome it can be to have all of your magazine subscriptions delivered to your iPad or mobile phone digitally via Zinio, then perhaps this is the deal that will convince you to give it a try: Zinio has just opened up their new Z-Pass service, where customers can choose three magazines for just $5 a month from over 200 of Zinio’s most popular titles. All you have to do is make your selection and provide a credit card, and then each month your magazines will automatically be added to your Zinio library.

If you decide you made a mistake and want to swap out your magazine selections, you can do that, too! You can even add additional titles for $1.50 per month.  Zinio is offering the first month for free, so there is definitely an incentive to give it a try. To sign up, just go to www.zpass.zinio.com.

Here’s the main reason that I love Zinio: For years, I had subscriptions to many print magazines, but I noticed that over and over I was stacking up unread titles to take to the recycling center in San Angelo (or to our hunting lodge, depending upon the titles), because I simply didn’t have time to read an older issue before a newer one would show up. Unlike my eBooks, which were always with me, magazines would end up in a stack by the couch or by the bed … where they would languish. I would look at the pile, feel overwhelmed, then feel guilty, and then feel the need to get rid of them! The whole process was wasteful and demoralizing — but I started with the best intentions, and these were magazines on subjects that interested me!

Having my magazines on my laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android phones,  and now on my Windows Phone (finally! yay!) means that if I have free time when waiting in a line, or sitting on a beach, or while traveling, I can simply select one of the magazines from my library and start reading. The best part is that I have issues going back as far as the start of my digital subscription (several years worth on several titles), which means that if I remember an article in a past magazine that I want to read again or show someone, I can simply look for it in my library, download it, and it’s there! No problem! Even better, the magazines are searchable, bookmarkable, and many of them are interactive with videos, hotlinks, and other features that print readers don’t have access to!

There are only a couple of magazines that I can’t yet get on Zinio (Skeptic, Departures, and InStyle), but I have found workarounds for all but one. Of the two different methods I use to get digital magazines, I can say without hesitation that Zinio is my favorite. So if you have been thinking about going digital, but you weren’t sure if you would like it, and if you didn’t want to disrupt your regular subscription or get into some major subscription commitment, Z-Pass could be your answer.

Don’t be afraid to try digital magazines … you may find that you prefer this format. I sure do! =)

Zinio Z-Pass

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  1. I prefer Zinio, for sure! I think the selection is very good in general … but unfortunately as many of my subscriptions are ending I find the Z-Pass has *none* of my preferred mags (Runner’s World/Times, Guitar Player, Electronic Musician are my top 4). Oh well … just have to re-up for the normal fee!

    But for someone just getting started, I definitely agree this is an awesome way to start!

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