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Cozi Family Organizer for iPhone and iPad

My kids have finally reached the age that our family is going twenty directions at once. This spring we have had my varsity games I coach as well as both of my sons’ baseball games. Of course, most of these all occur at the same times on the same days in different towns. Since I am almost always coaching during this mess, my wife is in charge of keeping it all running smoothly. We recently found an iPhone app that has helped keep the chaos to be somewhat controlled while I was grocery shopping. Cozi Family Organizer made my usually miserable shopping trip much easier. Let’s take a look why.

Cozi Family Organizer for iPhone and iPad

The Cozy Family Organizer is a shared family app that replaces the calendar and notes lists that used to hang on the refrigerator and lets the entire family take them on the go. The Family Calendar allows events to be added and edited on the go for the family. The calendar is similar to many other similar apps with color coded events and reminders. Anyone connected with the family will get any changes made and all of the alerts. Agendas for the week can be sent to anyone in the family via email or they can quickly view events in the app itself.

Cozi Family Organizer for iPhone and iPad

My absolute favorite feature of the app is the shopping lists. I hate to shop, especially for groceries. My goal is to get in and out as fast as possible without any browsing or wandering around. My wife and I were able to create a joint grocery list using the app which made my trip virtually painless. Any item added by either of us would pop up on the list as soon as it was refreshed. She was even adding items as I shopped without having to make any calls or texts. After placing an item in the cart, a tap on the list crosses it out. My dreaded shopping trip was quick and easy and I did not even screw it up!

Cozi Family Organizer for iPhone and iPad

While the calendar and shopping lists are the most useful features of the app for my family, there are also To Do Lists and a Family Journal included. There are many apps that do each of these tasks, but having calendars, shopping lists and to-dos in one place synced with your family is extremely convenient. While I loved being able to successfully shop without dragging a pen and paper, my wife loved the ability to add or remove items from my list in real-time. This app is great for any family or couple who are constantly on the go and need a way to stay organized and synced. I am sure as my kids get older our lives will only get crazier and we will find more ways to stay up to date with the Cozi Family Organizer. The app is free and can be found here in the app strore. Get organized today!

What I like: Easy and convenient way to keep our family in order and constantly synced

What can be improved: I would love for the calendar to sync with my iOS calendar.

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