Smart Food Scale Promises to Up the Game in Your Kitchen and Reaches Kickstarter Goal

Smart sleeveRegular GearDiary readers know that I’m a big fan of a good kitchen gadget, and I love my digital kitchen scale. But I’ve recently seen a new toy that might encourage me to mothball my Bakers Math scale. (Even if it was a really nice holiday present.)

Chef Sleeve is known for what they call “counter top technology,” products which make it easier for you to use your tech in the messy environment of the kitchen. The latest product that promises to make your life a little easier is a Bluetooth-enabled kitchen scale they are calling the Smart Food Scale.

They envision a device that uses iOS enabled devices to display and control information from a scale platform. With data flowing back and forth between the scale and the handheld device via Bluetooth 4.0, users will be able to track all sorts of details of their diet. Integration with USDA nutritional data would allow for real-time information about what you are cooking with.

Smart Sleeve is interested in opening up their APIs to select third-party developers that could allow for all sorts of applications from dietary tracking to recipe development. Imagine an app that could keep track of every ingredient of a new dish that you are making up on the fly so that you can share it socially as soon as you taste it. For those of you (us) who rarely write stuff down in the kitchen, this could be a neat tool.

The anticipated MSRP will be around $99, so it won’t be egregiously expensive for a kitchen gadget. Although specifications are subject to change between prototype and production, here are the proposed details:

Dimensions: 250mm (W) x 180mm (L) x 15mm (H)
Aprox. weight: 1lb
Capacity: 15lbs/7kg
Measuring Units: oz, lbs + ozs, g, fl oz, ml
Increments: 0.1oz, 1g (how precise the scale is)
Battery: replaceable CR2032
Display: Backlit LED or Reverse LCD (no display appears until “on”)
Top: Glass with white backing, touch sensitive buttons for functions “on/off”, “tare”, “hold”, “unit”
Bottom: Compressed recycled wood fiber, or wood. A stainless steel is also being considered. Anti-slip feet, etched logo
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0

The initial Kickstarter campaign is fully funded with less than a week to go, but they are still building toward some stretch goals if you are interested in investing. I’ll probably wait for the production version to hit the shelves, but I’ll be sorely tempted when I see it in person.

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