Battery for Windows Phone Review

Battery for Windows Phone

I am having fun setting up my new Lumia 928, and part of that is getting to know new apps and settings. On my iPhone I had my battery percentage listed in the status bar, but that’s not an options in Windows Phone. Luckily, I stumbled across a great utility app, aptly called “Battery”, that provides a Live Tile of my percentage battery life left, plus a whole slew of other useful data settings and shortcuts!

Battery for Windows Phone

The main focus of Battery is on battery life. It tracks your percentage left, but also how long since your last charge, your discharge rate, how much standby time is left, and how many charge cycles the battery has experienced. It’s too early to see a pattern, but I like that it tracks the discharge rate. That makes it easier to spot a rogue app that might be causing battery drain, or to best figure out if the battery can be nursed along for a few more hours.

Battery for Windows Phone

In addition to the battery statistics, Battery also helpfully gives you shortcuts to settings items like WiFi, airplane mode, Bluetooth, GPS and LTE. Since all of these have the potential to be battery vampires or saviors, it makes sense to have them easily accessible while you’re focused on your battery life. It’s a small but helpful feature!

Battery isn’t exciting, but it does exactly what is described. The Live Tile gives you a rough idea of your battery percentage (it updates every few minutes) and the app adds a ton of utility by analyzing your battery life and giving you shortcuts to tools that maximize your juice. Incidentally, those screenshots aren’t wrong-my Lumia made it 15 hours off the charger today, which is approximately 3x longer than my 4S had in quite some time!

MSRP: Free on Windows Phone Marketplace

What I Like: Offers a Live Tile with the battery percentage; statistics on battery life are quite useful; shortcuts to settings add value.

What Needs Improvement: Nothing


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