A Single TYLT SYNCABLE-DUO Charge-and-Sync Cable Is All You Need

If you use an Android device all of your mobile gadgetry likely uses the same microUSB sync/charge cable. If, on the other hand, you use an iOS device you need to both a Lightning connector cable for that device and a microUSB cable for everything else. The new TYLT SYNCABLE-DUO Charge-and-Sync Cable will let you carry a single cable.In typical TYLT fashion the cable is available in a number of bright colors.


TYLT’s products always stand out thanks to unique design features and colors that pop. This cable is no exception. We reviewed a 1m (3.3′) sample in red. Blue, yellow, black and blue are also available.




From TYLT:

The TYLT SYNCABLE-DUO is a 2-in-1 cable solution for charging and syncing data to smartphones and tablets. Tired of carrying around several cables for your different devices? SYNCABLE-DUO comes equipped with both micro-USB and Apple Lightning connectors, so one cable is all you need for your Android or Apple Lightning devices. Simply select the connector and start charging or syncing. Available in four vibrant colors and lengths from 1 foot to 1 meter. Tangle-free flat cable with soft-touch finish.

Video Review of the TYLT SYNCABLE-DUO Charge-and-Sync Cable

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These cables aren’t inexpensive but when you consider the fact that you are getting two cables in one the price of the TYLT SYNCABLE-DUO Charge-and-Sync Cable becomes quite reasonable. When you also factor in the convenience of having to carry only one cable at a time it gets even better. You can learn more here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the TYLT SYNCABLE-DUO Charge-and-Sync Cable

What I Like: Bright colors; Three available lengths; One cable covers almost all devices; Tangle-free design

What Needs Improvement: Pricier than other cables

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