Moxtra Updates with an Android App, Google Drive, and More!

Moxtra Updates with an Android App, Google Drive, and More!

I reviewed Moxtra about a month ago, and was very impressed with this digital binder/scrapbook app. It loos great and makes it easy to organize and collaborate on all sorts of projects. At the time, my biggest complaint was that I couldn’t easily get documents and web clips to Moxtra without stopping in Dropbox or Box first.

Moxtra was just updated to add Google Drive, and a web browser for clipping, plus an Android app! I took a quick look at the update; does it impress as much as the original?

Moxtra Updates with an Android App, Google Drive, and More!

The Google Drive integration is fantastic. It is quite fast, and very simple to get rolling. You sign into Google, give permission for Moxtra to access your Drive, and then you have a list of all your Google documents. From there it is simple to select the one you want in Moxtra and add it to your binder. Again, since so much of Moxtra is about pulling all your notes and files from elsewhere into one place for easy collaboration and notations, the Drive integration here is key, and it boosts the productivity potential for the app immensely.

The web clip option is helpful as well and actually functions really well as a screenshot and tutorial solution. I have put together screenshots with notes using Evernote’s Skitch, but this is even better. I can clip a shot of what I am trying to illustrate, and add notes, arrows, even voice notes to the picture. I can think of a few ways a shared Moxtra notebook with “this is how to do X” web clips will be helpful!

Moxtra also wanted to make sure Android users could enjoy the benefits of binders, and there is now a Moxtra for Android as well. Cross-operating system collaboration at its finest!

Have you tried Moxtra yet? Will these new updates swing you to give it a shot? Let us know in the comments!

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