Wrap Yourself in Protection with the Insect Shield Outdoor Blanket

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I enjoy working outdoors, camping, hiking, taking the family on picnics, not to mention toil in my garden. What I dislike however, is the hordes of mosquitoes, fleas, chiggers and ticks that lurk in the outdoors. They are there… waiting, just waiting to set their little vampiric jaws or proboscises upon me.¬† Let’s face it…Nature itches! If biting and itching from these pests wasn’t bad enough, many of these itty bitty annoyances can carry a variety of serious diseases. All that can make a summer evening sitting around a campfire or an outdoor vacation much less enjoyable. The folks at Insectshield.com, however, have worked diligently to produce a variety of anti-pest clothing and materials to improve outdoor quality of life, and their latest offering is the new Insect Shield Outdoor Blanket.

Spun from 100% Polyester and weighing about 18 ounces, the 56″ x 74″ Insect Shield Outdoor Blanket, the blanket features Insect Shield’s proprietary formulation of the insect repellant permethrin and a patented process for binding the repellant to the fabric for a lifetime (estimated 70 blanket washings) of odorless wear. For those unfamiliar, permethrin,¬†chemically similar to the pyrethrin compounds found in chrysanthemums, has been used for years in flea dips for dogs, lice shampoo for children and anti-scabies cream, and permethrin-treated cotton has been used to help control deer tick populations to reduce Lyme disease prevalence in affected areas. Since piling on crushed chrysanthemums isn’t so convenient during an outdoor romp, folks wanting to keep away pesky problematic bugs might want to give the Insect Shield Outdoor Blanket a gander. It might just be a quick and handy way to keep uninvited guests sporting six to eight legs from raining on your parade and keep you comfy when it gets cool outdoors.

Insect Shield Outdoor Blanket MSRP: $29.95


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