Why Settle for a Stationary Hot Tub When You Can Set Sail with the HotTug?

Why Settle for a Stationary Hot Tub When You Can Set Sail with the HotTug!

Hot tubs. A lot of people seem to really like them. Hot tubs are great for relaxing and letting the troubles of the day melt away, but they have one big drawback: they are immobile. That means while you are relaxing in your hot tub and looking around, you will be looking at the same scenery time and time again. Seems to me that might get boring after a while. Why settle for locational ennui, when some clever designers in the Netherlands have developed a way to enjoy your hot tub AND get new vistas each and every time? Introducing the HotTug.  Yes, you heard right- the HotTug. What in the world is a HotTug? Let me explain.

A Dutch fellow in Rotterdam named Frank de Bruijn, himself no stranger to tug boats, decided that the world needed something to gild the lily of leisure (or in this case, the water-lily). His idea? A wood-fired hot tub that you can sail about in open water while gently simmering yourself in hot tub luxury. And while you do the world looking in at you will see a diminutive tug boat. Hot Tub + Tug Boat = HotTug… get it?

Why Settle for a Stationary Hot Tub When You Can Set Sail with the HotTug!

Housed in the heart of a fiberglass-reinforced polyester hull,  the HotTug has a specially designed stainless steel underwater wood-burning stove, complete with a tall double-walled stove pipe to  lend an air of tug-boatishness to the whole nautical contraption. The stove is capable of heating its 528 gallon capacity hot tub component  to about 100°F- perfect for keeping you and your guests al dente.  A big plus of the HotTug is that the craft is said to offer quiet mobility since it can be built with a quiet electric motor. Since the HotTug also maintains a very low profile in the water, you will be able to sneak up on unsuspecting soon-to-be-gawking landlubbers. Add a Civil War-era light cannon, and you might as well be the USS Monitor.

Starting at about $16,560 USD, the HotTug line comes amply supplied with various and sundry accessories, from navigation lights to drink containers, from thermometers to submersible pumps… even a small tugboat for towing clothing and other items!

So, when thinking about hot tubs, why simmer in a stationary tub and let the world pass you by, when you can one-up the neighbors and sail past them?

HotTug, designed by Supergoed