Technology 2014 Summary / 2015 Predications

The future’s so bright in technology gear and various media as 2014 ends and we look on the horizon to 2015.


We put a lot of value in technology and media, so we don’t feel important unless we’re doing something with it…and quickly. 2014 was an interesting year. Smartphones got bigger with the iPhone 6 releasing in two different sizes. Helpful apps (like this college job hunter over winter break app) expanded and smartphone gear customization was easily within reach. Available memory offerings were expanding as digital cameras were phasing out of the tech world…as was Aereo and “brick and mortar stores like RadioShack. Users even their own private clouds and family of tablets.

Keeping up with new ways to pay and various new currencies was challenging and will continue to be in 2015. Security issues surrounding near field communication (NFC) continued while Google Glass and Voice stalled. Travel apps were helpful as users roamed the world as well as apps covering very essential activities…like sleep.

Health and wellness interactive devices got more advanced especially in the camera and tracker/sensor fields. Health tech also got more user-friendly and important. Watches got smarter and helped users track important information… like their pizza order. Home tech locks, automobiles, and learning tools expanded too. Consumers got many useful things that were previously out of their realistic reach.

Here are some predictions for tech trends in 2015.

The beginning of the year always brings more health and wellness gear and wearable technology in the gaming world will finally hit it big with virtual reality gear (Oculus Rift, etc.) allowing several players to experience the “next-level” gameplay and offer users more in-depth virtual tours and experiences. These head mounted display units have always been a niche market, but companies now have the backing to bring them to the masses.

Home technology will continue their boom, especially in appliances while Businesses, retail stores and restaurants will increase their use of technology. Advertisers will get a bigger chunk of the financial pie as people continually shift their activities towards mobile phones and the web while Windows 10 should improve Microsoft’s operating system experience with customers, especially on the interface side.

Medical devices, watches, glasses and other wearable items will continue expanding along with more affordable, accessible 3-D printing technology. Cloud based services will further solidify with the big three Apple (iCloud), Google (Google docs), and Microsoft (Office 365) while 4K televisions (roughly four times the resolution of HD) will get more affordable plus services will offer media for 4K TV owners (most recently Amazon).

Which predictions do you think will come true…or have they already in your area?

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