Adventure Underwear – Useful Travel Product and the BEST Kickstarter Pitch Ever

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When we received the email telling us about Adventure Underwear, my interest was immediately captured. I mean, how often do we get pitched for underwear? (Okay, it actually happens more than you might realize.) Then I saw this…

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Yeah, one of the project creators actually had a hose shot at his privates in order to show how waterproof the waterproof pocket is. Now THAT’S commitment. Then I watched to video pitch on Kickstarter. And I was sold. Seriously.

Then there is the product itself. Made from 100% superfine Australian Merino Wool, these travel underwear are soft, lightweight and breathable.

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And the waterproof pocket is certified for depths up to 200 feet! So, if you travel a lot and need to protect your valuables but don’t want to wear a fanny pack, or you just want pockets in your undies, check out this Kickstarter project. It is a serious project and one that can benefit anyone who travels. Check it out here.

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6 Comments on "Adventure Underwear – Useful Travel Product and the BEST Kickstarter Pitch Ever"

  1. Whoa, these look awesome!

    The problem with money belts is that they’re just too obvious now – I had a friend that got robbed and the first place the guy looked was right under his shirt, he lost his passport, his wallet and his phone.

    With these you could actually keep your valuables hidden and nobody would even know they were there…

  2. These are just a copy of who have been around for ages….
    I use their tops and boyshorts and they are super smart, and as Tom says money belts are way too obvious.

  3. Those look good too but there are some significant differences. First- the pockets are on the outside and second they don’t appear to have a waterproof pocket. Still, they are less expensive and do look like they would do the job.

  4. Yeah, but who goes swimming in their underwear. Do you walk around dripping wet for the rest of the day:)

  5. I think it’s a great idea. About time somebody came up with something like this, I’m always worried about my car keys when I leave them on the beach to go surfing.

  6. I think most guys wear underwear under their swimming shorts Anna haha
    Apparently these are quick drying to because of the merino wool so i guess that would take care of that problem

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