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August 23, 2013 • News

Scout Comes to Windows 8!


I love my Lumia, but I will be honest — Nokia’s HERE Maps and HERE Drive are not my favorites. They are perfectly fine, but they lack many bells and whistles. It was hard giving up Scout when I left the iPhone, and I am thrilled that Scout is coming to Windows Phone 8!

For those who aren’t familiar, Scout is an amazing navigation service powered by Telenav. It helps you map your routes, find points of interest, and monitor multiple choices for the best traffic flow. It also offers additional features like traffic alerts, voice commands, and voice guidance for a yearly fee of $24.99. They are a fantastic service that rolls the best of GPS navigation, traffic flow, and local searches into one place. I find it more user-friendly and far better on points of interest than Google Maps, and if the Windows Phone interface is anything like the iOS one, it should be far clearer than HERE Drive.

If you have a Windows Phone 8 device, hit the Marketplace ASAP for this must-have app! And stay tuned to Gear Diary for a full review of Scout for Windows Phone 8 soon!


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