Belkin Is Ready for the New iPad Air

IPad Air QODE Keyboards and Keyboard Cases Free Ground Shipping | Belkin USA Site

Belkin was quick to announce a slew of new cases and accessories for the upcoming iPad Air. Key among the offerings are a series of keyboard cases they are calling the Qode line. Three different price points mean there is something for everyone who wants to turn their thin and light 5th generation iPad into a productivity machine.

IPad Air QODE Keyboards and Keyboard Cases Free Ground Shipping | Belkin USA Site
As Belkin explains,

For iPad Air, Belkin updated and improved its award-winning keyboard case collection with three new keyboards offering a range of features and options under the new Qode brand name. The name Qode represents performance, productivity and ease of communication. Smart and intuitive, Qode combines sophisticated technology with beautiful design to create the best iPad keyboards on the market.

All new keyboards feature Belkin’s exclusive TruType™ keyboard for superior typing accuracy, optimal tactile response and a comfortable, laptop-like feel.

Here’s a quick look at Belkin’s new offerings.

Belkin Qode Ultimate Keyboard iPad Air silver side

The $129.99 Qode Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad Air is a thin and light keyboard case made from aircraft-grade aluminum. It offers well-spaced TruType keys, three viewing angles with dual neodymium magnets for extra stability and smart sensing technology that automatically turns keyboard off when not in use. Best of all, the rechargeable battery offers 264 hours of active battery life. It will come in black and silver color options. Check it out.

Belkin Qode ThinType Keyboard iPad Air silver front

Coming in just under $100, the Qode Thin Type Keyboard Case for iPad Air is a protective screen cover and Bluetooth keyboard in one. Well-spaced TruType keys plus Function and iOS specific keys make this a great productivity tool. The iPad is held in place thanks to “secure-hold magnets” and can sit at two different angles. This is true with the iPad in both landscape and portrait. Although the keyboard is just 4mm thick it offers up to 79 hours of active battery life. Like its big brother it has smart sensing technology that automatically turns keyboard off when not in use. Check it out.
Belkin Qode SlimStyle Keyboard iPad Air Sorbet open

Finally, the $79.99 Qode Slim Style Keyboard Case for iPad Air is a folio-style cover and Bluetooth keyboard combination. It offers multiple viewing angles as well as a “handheld media mode in which the keyboard tucks away flat for touch screen use. It will come in 5 different colors: Black, Red, Topaz, Sorbet and Purple. Check it out.

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    I love the QODE Thin Type case, looks like something I would actually use and carry with me.

  2. lol That is EXACTLY why I chose to use that image.

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