Nomad AirTag Accessories Are the Obvious Choice for Holding Your Shiny New AirTags


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Nomad AirTag Accessories Are the Obvious Choice for Holding Your Shiny New AirTags Listen to this article

Leave it to Apple to release a $29 tracker accessory with no native way to affix it to the item you want to track. For that, you need to spend at least $29 more on Apple’s AirTag Loop. And while the Loop holds the AirTag, it does nothing to protect it. Thankfully, there is now a line of Nomad AirTag Accessories.

Apple AirTag Accessories

Apple AirTag Accessories

Before we talk about Nomad’s new AirTag Accessories, let’s spend a minute more thinking about how absurd this situation is. AirTags are $29 each or $99 for a four-pack. AirTags are a great way to keep track of your keys. But the Airtag is a solid disk, and there is no way to attach a key loop to it.

Tile makes it easy to turn their tracker into a key locator by building an attachment point into many of their trackers. Apple had a different approach in mind. They released a tracker that, for most use scenarios, requires an accessory FOR the accessory. There’s the aforementioned AirTag Loop for $29. There’s the AirTag Leather Loop for $39. Or — and stop reading if you just ate lunch — you can spend up to $449 for the AirTag Hermes Luggage Tag.

Apple Hermes AirTag Accessories

Apple Hermes AirTag Accessories

That’s insane.

And, to add insult to injury, none of those accessories actually protect the AirTag. Thankfully, I’m not the only one thinking this way. As the folks at Nomad explain:

The day AirTags were announced we were sure of two things. We needed a way to make them waterproof and they could be the perfect pet tag solution … we’re happy to announce we’re well on our way to making that happen with the Rugged Keychain for AirTags and the Rugged Pet ID Tag for AirTags.

Nomad AirTag Accessories

That’s right, in addition to the AirTag accessories Nomad announced a few weeks ago, they just announced two new rugged  AirTag holders.

Nomad AirTag Accessories

Both the Rugged AirTag Keychain and Rugged Pet ID Tag have TPU-overmolded polycarbonate shells to keep your AirTag safe and working properly. And, because Nomad knows that one size doesn’t fit all, both come with two enclosure options: an IP67 waterproof back and a back with a speaker-hole so you can hear the tag more easily. Nomad describes these new accessories as “the ultimate in AirTag protection.”

The Nomad Rugged Pet Tag for AirTag

Nomad AirTag Accessories

Nomad describes their offering for tracking your pet this way:

Always keep track of your pet with our waterproof Rugged Pet Tag for AirTag. Rugged Pet Tag is constructed with a TPU-overmolded polycarbonate shell providing the ultimate in AirTag protection and comes with two enclosure options, an IP67 waterproof back and a speaker-hole back.

Nomad AirTag Accessories

The Rugged Pet Tag IP67 Water and Dust-proof and ships with both waterproof and speaker-hole backs.

Nomad AirTag Accessories

For an additional $19.95, you can order a Metal Tag and custom engrave the optional stainless steel insert with your pet’s name and your phone number.


The Nomad Rugged Keychain for AirTag

Nomad AirTag Accessories

The Rugged Keychain for AirTag looks quite similar to the Rugged Pet Tag. It also offers IP67 protection, ships with two different backs, and is made from a rugged polycarbonate shell. And yes, the Rugged Keychain for AirTag can also be customized for an additional $19.95.

Available in your choice of Black or White, both the Rugged Keychain and the Pet ID Tag will have an MSRP of $39.95 when they ship in mid-August. If you pre-order now, however, they are just $29.95.

You can check out all of the Nomad AirTag Accessories, including the Rugged Keychain for AirTag and the Rugged PetTag for AirTag here.

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