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This is the time of year when we begin planning what will come with us to the Consumer Electronics Show. External batteries are always a key “bring-along” items, and this year is no exception. We’ve already gathered a few and, over the next days, we’ll look at each. First up is the stylish and powerful Gum++ battery from Just Mobile.

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Just Mobile offers a great selection of Apple accessories. All come with their fine attention to detail, excellent industrial design and time-tested practical functionality. The Just Mobile Gum++ is no exception. This battery is small, but it packs a decent power-punch. Surprisingly, the Gum++ packs a 6000mAh battery into this small package. When I first opened the box I had to double-check the specifications on the battery to make sure it was actually 6000mAh. It is that small!! Yes, the battery is just 3.1 x 2.3 x 0.9″, and it weighs a mere 4.6 oz.

“Just Mobile Gum++ is the redesigned backup battery for smartphones, tablets and USB-powered devices.”

Inside the package you get the battery, a UB to microUSB cable and some paperwork. The is no storage bag or skin, like we have seen with previous Just Mobile batteries, but I don’t see that as an issue.

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From a design perspective, this external battery is typical Just Mobile in that it combines style with function with neither area paying a price for the other. The Gum++ is available in three different colors, each clad in a glossy, hard-wearing shell.

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Available in a range of striking colours, the Gum++™ is clad in a glossy, hard-wearing shell. Inside, an improved 6000mAh battery has enough capacity to recharge a smartphone up to three times, or add precious extra hours to a tablet. And its high-power USB output keeps charge times to a minimum

The Gum++ combines quality materials to create a battery that has a look and feel of something that is truly high-end. The colored shell has ridges that add visual interest and make it easy to grab and hold. That’s a good thing if you are, for example, on the Show floor at CES and need to charge your phone while racing from one meeting to another. The body of the battery has a line of black running around it.  This too adds to the look of the Gum++. Inside the small shell is a 6000mAh battery with enough capacity to recharge a smartphone up to three times. It also works with most tablets.

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To say the “controls” on the battery are kept to a minimum is an understatement. There is a single button that powers the battery off and doubles as an indicator. Press it quickly, and a few lights will shine to show you how much charge remaining. On one side is the microUSB port for charging the battery. On the other end is the full-size USB port into which you need to plug your phone keep.

If there is any downside to the Just Mobile Gum++, it is the fact that this is a BYOC — or Bring Your Own Cable — accessory. In practical use this isn’t an issue, and it is something most of us expect when using an external battery to charge mobile devices. In fact, I would not even make mention of it were I not also working on a review of a battery that has a Lightning connector built into it.

The Gum++ may be small, but behind a pretty shell is a high-capacity battery that will help keep you going all day. There are less expensive external power packs on the market, but if you want a battery that looks great and is made with a suburb degree of quality, then you will be quite happy grabbing one of these Just Mobile Gum++ batteries.

MSRP: $79.95

What I Like: Small and stylish; Big capacity battery in a small body; Simple to use; Easy to check how much power remains

What Needs Improvement: You can get cheaper 6000mAh batteries; BYOC

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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