Walk Like an Egyptian, Die Like a Pharaoh

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When I was a kid my mother overpaid for scalped tickets for the King Tut Exhibit. I was still captivated when, years later, I again saw the exhibit in Cairo. New evidence tells us Tut died in a chariot crash! (Drunk chariot races= bad idea.) But there’s more… Like his mummy spontaneously combusting. It is a fascinating read on Smithsonian.

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Dan Cohen
Having a father who was heavily involved in early laser and fiber-optical research, Dan grew up surrounded by technology and gadgets. Dan’s father brought home one of the very first video games when he was young and Dan remembers seeing a “pre-release” touchtone phone. (When he asked his father what the “#” and “*” buttons were his dad said, “Some day, far in the future, we’ll have some use for them.”) Technology seemed to be in Dan’s blood but at some point he took a different path and ended up in the clergy. His passion for technology and gadgets never left him.

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