BLOW Hookah Brings an Old Smoking Tradition into the 21st Century

BLOW Hookah Brings an Old Smoking Tradition into the 21st Century

Did you know that, in a typical hookah smoking session, you inhale up to 180 times more smoke than you would in a single cigarette? That’s… Bad. In addition, traditional hookah smoke contains the same carcinogenic components as cigarette smoke. One could simply avoid hookahs entirely, or one could check out the 21st century BLOW Hookah.

Before we get to the BLOW Hookah itself, here’s just a bit of background. Just for fun I did a quick survey of the our editors. Of the four of us, only two have ever tried a hookah. I guess the other two need to get out more. ????

The BLOW Hookah is

a revolutionary electronic vapor system that is intended to replicate the hookah lounge experience with the ease and sophistication of an E-Pen. A smoke free, tar and toxin free liquid in a flameless, charcoal free device that does not suffer from the maintenance and mess that typically accompanies traditional hookahs makes it perfect for any venue.

The device comes standard with a hookah base, hookah battery, two electronic hoses, and two E-Liquid tanks.

Adorned with a LED diamond crystal on the top (after all, the hookah is all about the experience!), an LED system provides ambient lighting. In addition there is a variable voltage control knob which  is fitted with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Perhaps most importantly, the BLOW Hookah  puts out no carcinogenic smoke, no toxins, and no coal or flame. Instead of those nasty, harmful things, the BLOW Hookah creates a “refreshing vapor from one of its branded flavors” which include Blueberry Mint, Piña Colada, Swedish Fish, and Double Apple.

The BLOW Hookah is $799.99. Learn more here.

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