RHA MA750i In-Ear Headphones Review- Metal for Listening to Your Heavy Metal

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Travis recently reviewed the $89.99 RHA MA600i in-ear headphones. He liked them a lot and called them “a good value for the money.” The company has also released the MA750i headphones. These are their top of the line in-ear headphones and the build-quality reflects that position. At $129.95 their price does too. They are available at Apple and Apple.com.

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The MA750i noise isolating, in-ear headphones are quite solid and impressive. It is immediately clear that RHA wanted to take things to an entirely new level with the MA750i headphones. Through the material and design they have done just that.

Using RHA’s aerophonic design, the MA750i is constructed from individually machined stainless steel components. The handmade driver and over-ear fit ensure remarkable sound reproduction and a comfortable, noise isolating fit.

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In the box you’ll find:

  • MA750i in-ear headphone
  • 6 pairs, dual density ear tips – S x2 / M x2 / L x2
  • 2 pairs, double flange ear tips – S x1 / M x1
  • 2 pairs, memory foam ear tips – universal fit
  • Stainless steel ear tip holder
  • Premium carry case
  • Clothing clip

Honestly, I was impressed with all of the extras included with the headphones. That may well have been because the previous RHA headphones I reviewed came in at a far lower price but, honestly, at any price this is an impressive bundle of inclusions.

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I also like the way they all fit together in a nice neat package. Too often in-ear headphones include extra tip but they come in a small plastic bag. That’s fine for shipping the items but once the box is open and the headphones are being used it is too easy to love the bag of tips or, worse yet, have it open and the tips spill out onto the floor. The inclusion of a premium (and it really does look and feel premium) carry case and a specialized stainless steel ear tip holder lets you keep everything neat, organized, safe and accessible. The only word that comes to mind is… Impressive.

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Come on, admit it… This is the coolest ear tip holder-organizer ever! And have you ever seen so many different shapes and sizes of ear tip included with a pair of headphones?

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The impressive design doesn’t stop with the stainless steel ear tip holder. No, it extends to the headphones themselves. The have a “303F grade stainless steel construction” for durability and offer a unique ear loop design (they refer to it as “over-ear fit ensure”) that wraps around the ear and holds the earbuds in place. Once you find the ear tip that is the best fit for both comfort and “stay-put-ability” the loops step in and help make sure everything stays where you want it to be.

Once you start using a design like this (the in-ear headphones from V-MODA accomplish something similar but through a different design approach) it is difficult to go back to in-ear headphones that easily pull out of your ears.

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The RHA MA750i have an inline controller that includes 3-button remote and microphone for use with compatible Apple devices. It works just as you would expect it to work and, thanks to its metal and rubber design, feels solid. It is also easy to use simply by feel. That is always a good thing when using headphones that you actually want to leave in so as not to interrupt the music or your call.

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The other side of the inline remote is a hole for the microphone along with the notation that these are the RHA MA750i. The microphone works fine. Does it stand out as exceptional? No, but when paired with the noise isolating design of the headphones themselves it gets the job done and then some.

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Here’s a closeup of the microphone on the inline multi-function remote.

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Even the spot where the single thick, almost tube-like cord splits into two and heads to the left and a right ear is reinforced with a quality-looking metal joint. A small rubber slider to the right allows you to make some additional adjustments so the headphones will be as comfortable and stable as possible.

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By now it should come as no surprise that the 3.5mm headphone jack is no cheap plastic POS but is, instead, a substantial metal plug reinforced with a metal spring at the most vulnerable juncture on the headphones. I will, however, admit that I wish the 3.5mm plug was one of the right-angle plugs that offer a slightly lower profile and, at least in my experience, seem to put less stress on the headphone jack.

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By now you may be wondering how the RHA MA750i in-ear headphones sound. They are quite good. No, they didn’t make me run up to Elana and say, “You gotta year these” but that usually only seems to happen with on-ear or over-the-ear headphones. The listening experience was pleasing with a good bit of bass, fine mids and, at time, weak highs.

The RHA 560 series of drivers has been designed to deliver a clear and natural sound. With high levels of spatial separation and distance, they are capable of reproducing audio with exceptional power and precision.

RHA refers to the drivers as 560.1 Dynamic drivers. Their numbering is one step up from the headphones Travis reviewed but, based on his description, I think the listening experience is roughly in the same ballpark. This isn’t to say the MA750i’s don’t sound good. They do and they do. And thanks to their excellent build quality they will likely hold up well over time. Still, with the V-MODA Remix Remote in-ear headphones selling for $79 and the ZAGG ZR-Six in-ear headphones dwelling for just $59.99 you have to be looking for a more rugged pair of headphones with a permanent “stay-put” over-the-ear loop design to opt for these. And just to be clear, the build of, and the inclusions that come with, the MA750i in-ear headphones are in an entirely different league. It all comes down to personal preference.

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MSRP: $129.99

What I Like: Impressive inclusions; Great assortment of ear tips and means to keep them organized; Ear loop keeps the headphones in place; Inline remote and microphone work well and offer excellent quality; Excellent build quality; Good sound

What Needs Improvement: More expensive than other good in-ear headphones; Ear loops may annoy some

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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