Will the Bonaverde Coffee Changers Project Succeed? I Sure Hope So!


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I debated and debated (and debated!) about whether or not I should back the “World’s first roast-grind-brew coffee machine” by Bonavarde Coffee Changers. In the end, even though it seemed unlikely and possibly too good to be true, and even though there were plenty of good reasons not to,”but what if it works?” won out, and I backed.

Bonaverde more than met their initial goal of $135,000; they smashed it with over $681K in backing money, and they added several stretch goals along the way. This may turn out to be a very expensive piece of junk, or it might just turn out to be a device that works as promised, but so far I’ve been impressed with their communication frequency and enthusiasm.

Today, I got this:


Dear Judie,
Again, we cannot express how grateful we are for your support – without you, this coffee revolution would never be possible!

Trying to give back a little bit of the love, we have a little surprise for you… Our partner farmer of the first hour, Henry Hueck, planted one tree for each of our backers, that is several hundreds of new trees (we won’t point out CO2-benefits, you’re pro enough to know that this was good for the environment!)! And not only that, Henry assigned every tree to a specific backer and marked them with the backer’s number and name plate!

Sooo – CONGRATS, you just became a foster parent to a beautiful tiny coffee tree!

You can finally brag with offsprings in Nicaragua – and when people want to know more, just pull out the attached image showing the latest addition to your family 😉

We hope you like your new baby – and again and again, THANK YOU!!


Heli & the Bonaverde team

P.S.: In case you’re wondering – OF COURSE, this is no commitment of any kind, you won’t have to pay anything and we won’t make you responsible for watering your baby either – we have great nannies on-site!

I really hope that the Bonaverde Coffee Machine is all that the company has sold it to be, because I really like their style. If you missed the Kickstarter campaign and you are interested in learning more, you can keep up by going to the Bonaverde site.

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