Activity Trackers

Tile Partners with HP to Make Laptops Findable

Tile is the World’s leading smart location company, known for its products that notify users when they leave items like their keys or wallets in specific locations. Just announced at CES, a new partnership with HP might make an expensive device that we all carry easier to keep track of and find.

TrackR Announced Three New Products Ahead of CES 2017

TrackR one of the leaders in personal item finders released two products ahead of CES 2017 n Las Vegas. Lets check them out. Unveiled on Monday were two products, the TrackR pixel, and the TrackR Wallet 2.0. The TrackR pixel, which is a smaller, lighter version of the the TrackR Bravo, with the difference being that it comes in nine colors, is cheaper, costing $24.99, and at just 5mm thick, it’s one of the smallest item trackers on the market. The TrackR Wallet 2.0 ($29.99) is hands down one of the thinnest trackers at just 2mm, which is equivalent to…

Never Forget Your Personals with TrackR Bravo

I’m always losing things. My mind on Mondays, My motor skills during Happy Hour, but there’s certainly two things I rather never lose: My wallet, and my keys. Luckily, TrackR, the pioneers of Bluetooth tracking products announced that their TrackR Bravo tracking devices are now available.

Jawbone Rolls Out the UP2 and UP4 Fitness Trackers

Jawbone is quite busy these days. In addition to finally launching the UP3 Fitness Tracker that’s been delayed for months, they decided to get ahead of themselves and release two more trackers at the same time: a fairly simple UP2 device, and a high-end UP4 that tracks your fitness AND acts as a mobile payment device!

The Orange Chef Countertop System May Be the Kitchen’s Operating System

A new and exciting kitchen device coming out this fall, is the Orange Chef Countertop. It syncs with your everyday kitchen appliances as well as your activity tracker to provide personalized recipe recommendations, helping you cook step-by-step, as well as keep track of your nutritional intake. It is now available for preorder at $99.95, 50% off future retail price.

CubeSensors Are One Activity Monitor You Need in Your Home

One thing that I have trouble with the most is sleep. I tend to never get enough of it, and even when I try to “oversleep” on the weekends, I still feel like groggy. I purchased a Jawbone Up to help monitor my sleep as a result and even though it does a good job, I’ve always longed to know more about my poor sleeping habits.

Fitbit Update Will Help Track Your Bike Rides

Fitness tracker company Fitbit announced today that their popular Fitbit Surge would be receiving outdoor bike tracking. The multi-sport mode allows users to record their running, cross training, cardio and now their biking workouts, all while automatically syncing wirelessly to the Android & iOS device that you use.

The Basic Fitness Tracker Market Is Fitbit’s to Lose

My wife, Sarah, recently decided to get a fitness tracker. She’s been going to the gym more, and heading out walking, and wanted a way to view her activity on a daily basis. I showed her various fitness tracker options, ranging from Misfit to Jawbone to Fitbit, and she specifically chose a Fitbit Flex, almost purely on the Fitbit name.

How the Pebble Smartwatch Became My New Fitness Tracker

I posted recently about my quest for a new fitness tracker, and I found one that (so far) I love. It’s only been 24 hours but it seems to check off all my boxes…and it wasn’t any of the ones on my initial list! It isn’t even that new, but my new Pebble is exactly what I was looking for!

The Atlas Wristband Is What Dick Tracy Would Wear to Work Out

One thing I told myself on New Years Eve was “if I make a resolution, I’m going to keep it”. That resolution was to not “get fit” but rather “be as healthy as possible”. The checklist was simple “hit the gym at least four times a week.” Now, that I do this I want to see the progress I make.

What’s the Future of Outside Companies and Apple’s HealthKit?

Late last year, Apple gave Fitbit the boot from Apple retail stores. There was a lot of speculation as to why Fitbit was kicked out, but most people assumed it was due to Fitbit pulling out of Apple’s Healthkit initiative. Competitors (and Healthkit partners) like Jawbone, Mio and Nike remained in the stores. Until this week, when everyone was booted!

How Up to Date Is “Goodnight iPad”?

My son loves (LOVES) the book “Goodnight iPad“. I’ve read it so many times I have it memorized, so I usually “read” it to him once it is lights-out. Half the time he’s asleep before I finish. Last night I realized some of the book’s technology references are already outdated, and it’s only four years old!

My Quest for a New Fitness Tracker; Which Will It Be?

I tested the fitness tracker waters with the Pivotal Living 1 and stuck with it despite the bugs. Unfortunately, I forgot it wasn’t waterproof, and a dip in the pool brought on the death of the PL1. It’s time to replace it, and I’ve narrowed my choices down to the Fitbit Charge HR, Withings Activité Pop, or Garmin Vivosmart. 

HTC Announces the HTC RE Grip GPS Fitness Tracker

HTC is busy at MWC this year; first they announced the One M9, and now they have a companion fitness product, the HTC RE Grip. It’s a fitness tracker with GPS, and it syncs with Under Armour (which means it will work with My Fitness Pal as well as the MapMyFitness products).

Do YOU Use a Wearable Device?

There’s been a huge debate lately about wearable devices like Fitbit, Jawbone UP, smartwatches, etc. First, pointed out most buyers of fitness trackers are ALREADY fit (and well-off), and then a study came out indicating wearables were no more accurate than the pedometer in your existing smartphone. So who’s using them and are they helping anyone?

Is Under Armour the Dark Horse to Win in Wearables?

Even before Apple announced their Apple Watch, much of the tech world was looking to wearables to be the next big thing. Everyone is looking to established technology companies, but there’s someone coming in from outside the tech world positioning themselves to dominate, especially with their latest acquisitions: Under Armour. 

Pivotal Life 1 Fitness Tracker Review

If you’ve been looking for a fitness tracker, your budget is probably in the $50 to $150 range. That’s reasonable for a connected pedometer/fitness data collector, but Pivotal Living disagrees. They see the value of fitness tracking in the service, not the hardware, so they sell a subscription model instead. $12 gets you one year of service and one Pivotal Life 1 band!