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January 8, 2014 • News

Seido Rolls Out New Cases at CES


It wouldn’t be CES without case manufacturers announcing new accessories for the smartphone and tablet market, and the folks at Seido are no exception. Seido has been churning out quality cases for years, going back to ye olde Palm OS days, and they are ready to protect your Galaxy Note 3, iPad, and iPhone with style!


Obex case for the Note 3: Obex is rugged and waterproof, so if you find yourself stuck in Snowpocalypse 2014 you’re good to go.


Ledger line of cases: Prefer a book-style leather case? Ledger has you covered for your iPad, iPhone, Note 3, Galaxy S4 and a number of other devices.


Gold cases: The iPhone 5s has triggered a new fashion wave of gold phones. If your preferred phone doesn’t come in gold, or you only want to show off the Midas touch some of the time, the Seido Dilex and Surface cases are now available in shiny golden finishes.

Be sure to check out Seido online for their full lineup of cases and accessories!

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